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PBS Activity 5.1.1 Medical History – Page 1 Activity 5.1.1: Medical History Page 1 Patient’s Name: Age: Male or Female: Anna Garcia 38 Female Height: Weight: Temperature: 64” 165 lbs 100.6°F Blood Pressure: Pulse: Respiration Rate: 140/90 102 bpm 23 bpm Case History Anna is a 38 year-old woman with a history of sickle cell anemia. 5.1.1.a.sr_medicalhistoryf - Activity 5.1.1 Medical History Page 1 Patients Name Age Male or Female Anna Garcia 38 Female Height Weight Temperature 64. Refer to the Activity 5.1.1 Medical History document and fill in the test you just performed under the Tests section as well as the results you determined for Anna’s sample under the Results section i.e., the Gram stain and morphology of. Chemically Examine and Identify Unknown Bacteria- Activity 5.1.1: Medical History, Activity 5.1.3: Isolating Bacteria, Activity 5.1.4: Gram Staining, and Activity 5.1.5: Enterotube We used many ways to determine the exact strand of bacteria that had infected Anna with her Urinary Tract Infection UTI.

PLTW Gateway – Medical Detectives Project 8.2.6 Medical History Form – Page 1. Police Report. Victim: Body Discovered by: Date Body Found:. General PLTW Document Last modified by: Elizabeth Kilday J. Company: Project Lead The Way, Inc. 5.1.4: Image of Gramand Gram - bacteria with an explanation of the procedure and why bacteria are one or the other. Also include the table of results. 5.1.5: Table of Anna's biochemical test results. Image of Anna's bacteria with a description. 5.1.6: A summary of Battle field cell in paragraph form, using all your immune system terms. Project 8.1.4 Mystery Illness. Introduction. Medical professionals such as emergency room doctors and primary care physicians often act as medical detectives when identifying the cause of.

5. 1. 1 Medical History Document Pltw

Unit 5 PBS Infection - Life Science Academy.

Working with the same equipment and tools used by lab professionals, PLTW Biomedical Science students are empowered to explore and find solutions to some of today’s most pressing medical. PLTW Launch PreK-5 taps into students’ exploratory nature, engages them in learning that feels like play, and encourages them to keep discovering through activities like designing a car safety belt or building digital animations. Activity 5.1.1 Medical History Resource Sheet. Test tube containing simulated bodily fluid. Transfer pipette. Phenolphthalein indicator. Safety goggles. Gloves. Highlighter. Procedure. Obtain and read through the Activity 5.1.1 Medical History Resource Sheet. Note that the. Tests. section is incomplete and the. Results. and. Diagnosis. In the last activity, you were presented with an incomplete piece of Anna’s medical history documenting an unknown illness. In this activity you will begin your detective work by exploring the different types of pathogens as well as examining specific examples of each type in order to identify what is plaguing Anna. Activity 2.1.1: Medical History. 2.1.1 Med Hx. pdf Case History. Anna is an active 14-year-old girl who, other than being diagnosed with sickle cell disease when she was a baby, has no other history of major illness. Recently, she reports fatigue and the inability to complete her normal activities without needing to rest. She also notes that no.

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