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According to a recent study, the most common male Greek name is Giorgos George. It is estimated that 11% of male Greeks bear the name Giorgos which practically means that 550,000 men are named this way. Giorgos is indeed the most common male name everywhere in. Latinized form of the Greek name Αλεξανδρος Alexandros, which meant "defending men" from Greek αλεξω meaning "to defend, help" and ανηρ meaning "man" genitive ανδρος. In Greek mythology this was another name of the hero Paris, and it also belongs to several characters in the New Testament. However, the most famous bearer was Alexander the Great, king of Macedon.

The study of ancient Greek personal names is a branch of onomastics, the study of names, and more specifically of anthroponomastics, the study of names of persons.There are hundreds of thousands and even millions of Greek names on record, making them an important resource for any general study of naming, as well as for the study of ancient Greece itself. Meanings and Origins of Names. 1] [2 ] AARŌN Ἀαρών: Greek form of Hebrew Aharon, meaning "light-bringer."In the bible, this is the name of the older brother of Moses.; ABADDŌN Ἀβαδδών: Greek name derived from Hebrew abaddown, meaning "destruction, ruination.".

One pertinent example of the usage of Greek names include names such as; ZeusGod of creation, HeraZues’ wife, Hades God of the Underworld, Cupidgod of love amongst others. Most recently, the movie, “Wonder Woman,” is a comic book adaptation which stars Gal Gaddot as the main character. It refers to a region in Greece names Achaia. Boy: Ancient Greek: Aeropos: Male form of the name Aerope. Boy: Ancient Greek,Macedonian: Christianity: Aeschylus: Aeschylus originates from the Greek name Aischylos, which means shame. Boy: Ancient Greek: Agapetos: Agapetos is the original form of Agapito. It means beloved. Boy: Ancient Greek: Aikaterine. I consider a number of ancient Greek names and ones from Greek mythology "guilty pleasure" names: names I love but would not name a child. So many of them are over the top for modern sensibilities. "Plato" falls into this category to me - I love his Socratic dialogues and think the name is really aesthetically pleasing, but a dude named Plato.

Greek names for boys include such classic male names as Phillip and George, Nicholas and Andrew, Peter and Stephen, all common in the US for most of its history. These traditional Greek boys’ names and their variations have been widely-used in the western world for decades. Dimosthenis is a male Greek name which exists since the ancient years. Name Dimosthenis derives from the words “dimos” which means people and “sthenos” which means power, therefore Dimosthenis means the “vigour of the people”. Constellation name, and Greek myth name of the daughter of Cassiopeia who was to be sacrificed to the sea monster Cetus but was rescued by Perseus. Andromeda was said to be an Ethiopian princess. Ancient Ethiopians considered Perseus and Andromeda the progenitors of the black race.

Aeschylus Ancient Greek tragedian the man who is shy - Αισχύλος Aetideus Small eagle Ancient Greek origin - Αετιδεύς Aetis or Aetios or Aetion Eagle Ancient Greek origin - Αέτης or Αέτιος or Αετίων Aetos Eagle Ancient Greek origin - Αετός. Achaikos is the ancient Greek form of Achaicus. It refers to a region in Greece names Achaia. Aeropos. Male form of the name Aerope. Aeschylus. Aeschylus originates from the Greek name Aischylos, which means shame. Agapetos. Agapetos is the original form of Agapito. It means beloved. Akakios. Akakios is derived from a Greek word meaning. HERMOLAOS Ερμόλαος: Ancient Greek name composed of the name of the god Hermes and the word laos "people," hence "people of Hermês." HERODES Ἡρώδης: Greek name meaning "sprung from a hero." In the bible, this is the name of the king who ordered the slaughter of.

Greek mythology is another place to find great ancient baby names for boys and girls. Stories such as Homer’s great epic bring us powerful names including these great baby boy names: Triopas.

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