Anemia Blood In Stool //

Anemia is a common complication of blood in the stool, especially when there is a large amount of blood or bleeding occurs over a long period of time. Anemia is also commonly associated with an iron deficiency, due to the importance of iron in the formation of red blood cells RBCs. Left untreated chronic and ongoing blood in the stool can lead to severe blood loss over time. Symptoms of anemia can include weakness, dizziness, hypotension, fainting and shortness of breath. Blood in the stool may also occur without other noticeable symptoms.

The blood is found only by testing the stool for blood fecal occult blood testing in the laboratory. Occult bleeding has many of the same causes as rectal bleeding and may result in the same symptoms as rectal bleeding. It is often associated with anemia that is due to loss of iron along with the blood iron deficiency anemia. Apr 18, 2012 · No, but blood in your stool can be the cause of anemia. It is important that you discuss the blood with your health care provider. In nearly everyone else who turns up with iron deficiency anemia, we are concerned they are losing blood from other causes, and this is usually a digestive tract problem. Occult bleeding--bleeding in which blood passes out the digestive tract--is detected by a chemical test on. Feb 08, 2011 · Having bloody stools can be a sign of coumadin toxicity or it is possible he was having a bleed already somewhere in his bowels and the blood thinner just made him lose blood faster. He needs to be careful while on coumadin as many OTC drugs and even vitamins can have an effect on how the coumadin works. it depends. if you have low iron in your bone marrow, then you have to supplement iron. if you have low B12 or folate, these can cause anemia and cause low bone marrow production. these are the most common causes of anemia. you need blood testing to check your ferritin and B12 and folate levels.

Symptoms like changes in bowel habits, stool color to black or red and consistency and the presence of pain or tenderness may tell the doctor which area of the GI tract is affected. Because the intake of iron, bismuth or foods like beets can give the stool the same appearance as bleeding from the digestive tract, a doctor must test the stool for blood before offering a diagnosis. Blood in the stool or rectal bleeding is a symptom of a disease or condition. The color of blood in the stool can be: bright red, maroon, yellow, white, green, black and tarry, or; not visible to the naked eye occult. Causes of blood in stool range from harmless, annoying conditions of the gastrointestinal tract such as hemorrhoids or anal fissures, to serious conditions such as cancer. When doctors test for fecal occult blood they are testing for the presence of microscopic or invisible blood in the stool, or feces. Read this article for more facts about this test.

Anemia Blood In Stool

When you have anemia whether your red blood cell count is low or the hemoglobin in your red blood cells is low you have a reduced capacity for delivering oxygen to the tissues in your body. This can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, and even unconsciousness if your anemia is severe.

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