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Prunus domestica 'Avalon' D plum 'Avalon'/RHS Gardening.

Other common names plum 'Avalon'. Family Rosaceae. Genus Prunus can be deciduous or evergreen trees or shrubs with showy flowers in spring, and often good autumn foliage colour. Some have edible fruit in autumn, and a few species have ornamental bark Details. Description: Avalon is one of the finest quality dessert plums that produces large, round-oval shaped, golden flushed red coloured fruits.Flesh is yellow, moderately juicy, fairly sweet and of good flavour. The stone seperates cleanly from the flesh, fairly freestone. Ripening about ten days before Redhaven, this earlyseason nectarine has a great combination of rich color, good flavor and high productivity compared to other varieties in its season. The fruit is firm and has a very balanced flavor. The tree is vigorous with low susceptibility to bacterial leaf spot.

Avalon is a rather large dessert plum, yield can be a little light but the indicidual fruits can be very large and impressive. Avalon plum tree – season This variety ripens usually in late August and can be used until approximately mid September. Your Avalon plum tree is in flowering group 2. It is partially self-fertile, but a nearby pollination partner of a different variety is beneficial. The following varieties should pollinate this plum tree. European plums, gages, damsons, cherry plums, mirabelles, bullaces will usually cross-pollinate if.

What is a Jublieum plum? It’s the fruit of the Jubileum plum tree, and a bigger, better version of the Victoria plum. Growing Jublileum plums is not difficult as long as you pick an appropriate planting site and provide the right care. Read on for information about Jubileum plum trees and tips on Jubileum plum care. What is a Jubileum Plum? The tree is fully hardy at -33F, will be injured at -40F but bounces back well from cold injury. Tree has a dense, round head. One minor drawback is its tendency to grow current season growth with very narrow angles between the shoots. It's an excellent plum for the early market, and I'm very fond of it; and it can easily be dried as well.

Prunus 'Avalon' is a strong- growing tree that bears one of the finest quality dessert plums available. The delicious plums are often found in supermarkets and greengrocers and are a great choice for making plum jam. The fruit is large, round-oval shaped with a good strong sweet plum flavour similar to the popular Victoria variety. AVALON PLUM TREE A new variety of plum which in most areas is more than a match for most other varieties. Taste and disease resistance are particularly good. This is primarily a top quality eating plum but it also cooks well when harvested slightly earlier. Click here to go to our comprehensive description and pictures of the Avalon plum tree. Dessert Plum Avalon fruit trees - Was raised at Long Ashton Research Station near Bristol UK in 1985. Large round to oval shape and red in colour. Large round to oval shape and red in colour. Avalon is one of the finest quality dessert plums. Avalon Plum Tree. £40.00. Large, round-oval, red colour. One of the finest quality desserts. A strong growing tree with a tendency to be shy cropping in its early years and therefore recommended on Pixy rootstock. Partially self fertile. Bristol circa 1980 Other Trees.

Buy Avalon plum trees Online CRJ Fruit Trees Nursery UK.

Parentage: Coe's Golden Drop x Giant Prune Description: Thames Cross produces very large oval-shaped yellow plums with no markings.Flesh is yellow, juicy, mild and sweet with good flavour. Delicious when it's picked and eaten straight from the tree and also suitable for jam making, bottling and pies. John Bunker shares his picks for the best tasting and easiest to grow plums. John sells fruit trees through a mail-order nursery cooperative in Maine. John Bunker has a plum job in Maine. 2 years ago I planted two 2 year old bush plums, Avalon and Opal. One is fine. The other, the more vigorous tree, has no leaves. All or most of the buds have gone brown, and crumbly, and there are two buds with leaves sprouting from the base, just above ground level.

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