Benign Acute Childhood Myositis //

Benign acute childhood myositis Neurology.

Many authors have termed the syndrome benign acute childhood myositis BACM. It is interesting to note that two of our patients had unusually cold feet—a sign which, to the best of our knowledge, has not been associated with BACM previously. Acute childhood myositis is a predominantly benign disease. Neurological examination is usually normal and rhabdomyolysis is rare. Although severe pathological comorbid conditions must be excluded, a complete history and examination, coupled with simple blood and urine tests, can help minimize unnecessary diagnostic investigations.

Four school children, aged 6 to 9 years, had acute postinfectious myositis. The prodromal illness usually involved the upper respiratory tract, but gastrointestinal symptoms were also seen. Fever and nonspecific malaise were characteristic. After cessation of the illness, myalgia involved the calves and thighs. Arm and neck muscles were less frequently affected. Weakness was less marked than. Lundberg initially described the entity of benign acute childhood myositis BACM under the name “Myalgia Cruris Epidemica” in 1957. He described it as a disease affecting mainly children with acute-onset calf pain and refusal to walk after an episode of suspected viral fever. Jan 04, 2020 · Benign acute childhood myositis BACM, sometimes referred to as viral myositis or influenza-associated myositis is a striking cause of childhood immobility, which is typically self-limiting and benign. It often presents in school-age children, a few days after a viral infection typically an URTI. It is more common in boys. Benign acute childhood myositis BACM is a rare transient condition usually occurring at the early convalescent phase of a viral upper respiratory tract illness, normally influenza A, and, more frequently, influenza B infection.

Benign acute childhood myositis BACM is a transient and rare inflammatory condition. It occurs mainly in school and pre-school aged children, predominantly affects males, and case outbreaks are observed in periods of respiratory virus epidemics 1–3. This acute childhood muscle disorder, first described by Lundberg A [ 2 ], may initially mimic a more serious cause of limb pain and refusal to walk - Guillain-Barre syndrome. Benign acute childhood myositis BACM is differentiated by the normal reflexes, normal muscle power, and elevated CK. Answer Benign acute childhood myositis is a mild and self-limited sudden onset of lower extremity pain during or following recovery from a viral illness. Presentation can include tiptoe gait or refusal to walk, secondary to symmetric bilateral lower extremity pain that resolves quickly, usually within 3 days. Viral Studies in BenignAcute Childhood Myositis Robert L. Ruff, MD, PhD, Diane Secrist, PhD\s=d\ \s=b\Thirty-five cases of benign acute childhood myositis followed infections with influenza A or B. Two children had recurrent myositis associated with infec- tions of different influenza types. None of the children had acute-phase antibody titers to the infecting type of influenza. These results.

If a child does have acute benign myositis the symptoms typically lasts for 3 to 10 days and then go completely away. The muscles get all the way back to their normal strength about three weeks after the start. In the meantime, there are a couple of things to look out for and a couple of things to do. Benign acute childhood myositis BACM is a rare, acute, self-limiting muscle disorder, mainly affecting school-aged boys, with an excellent prognosis, requiring no therapeutic intervention. Background.Benign acute childhood myositis is a disorder characterised by severe bilateral calf pain, difficulty for walking and a marked rhabdomyolysis in the days following a viral illness. 1 2 The prognosis is excellent as patients present with spontaneous normalisation of symptoms and.

A case of benign acute childhood myositis associated with influenza A H1N1 virus infection. Clin Microbiol Infect 2010; 16:193. Middleton PJ, Alexander RM, Szymanski MT.

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