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Besides the Ohio buckeye, other tree species called buckeyes include California buckeye A. californica, yellow buckeye A. flava, also known as A. octandra and red. The buckeye with the largest native range is the Ohio buckeye, a tree that grows from Ohio westward to states such as Kansas and Oklahoma. The yellow buckeye exists in states such as Kentucky, Tennessee and western Virginia and North Carolina. What Is a Buckeye Tree or Shrub? Members of the genus Aesculus may be called either buckeyes or horse chestnuts depending on the area they come from. Horse chestnuts are from Europe and Asia. The buckeye tree got its name from Native Americans who called the tree’s nut “hetuck” because of its resemblance to the eye of a deer. Ohio is the state most closely associated with buckeyes, but it is not just because buckeye trees grow there.

Nov 22, 2019 · The Buckeye Tree grows mainly in the Ohio and Mississippi Valley regions. It reaches 30 to 50 feet in height and 2 to 3 feet in diameter. It produces white to yellow flowers in large clusters, but much of the folklore associated with the tree and some of the trees uses come from its fruit--a 1- to 2-inch seed capsule with spiny growths over its surface. The Ohio buckeye is the state tree of Ohio, and its name is an original term of endearment for the pioneers on the Ohio frontier, with specific association with William Henry Harrison. Capt. Daniel Davis of the Ohio Company of Associates, under Gen. Rufus Putnam, traversed the wilderness in. Mar 08, 2018 · Place the tree in a spot with some shade, since most buckeyes are understory trees in nature. If you happen to have a river or creek in your yard, your buckeye will love to be planted beside it. Buckeyes like to have their roots cool and moist, so if no creek. Buckeyes will also often fall from the tree once ripened so a great place to start buckeye hunting is on the ground. If they are not on the ground look for spiked brown bunches hanging from the tree. If they are more green and yellow that is often a sign that the buckeye is not ripened yet.

According to The Ohio State University's athletics department website, a buckeye is "a small, shiny, dark brown nut with a light tan patch that comes from the official state tree of Ohio, the. Buckeyes can also be cooked and beaten into a paste that serves as kind of supplement used to treat arthritis. Medicinal tea can be made as well, but this actually comes from the bark of the buckeye tree, rather than from the nuts. Other Uses. Buckeye nuts actually contain high volumes of tannic acid.

The buckeye tree, Aesculus glabra, isalso known as the Ohio buckeye, American buckeye or fetid buckeye and is commonly planted from buckeye seeds. It is the state tree of Ohio, but it is also found throughout the Mississippi Valley, Nashville Basin and scattered throughout the South.

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