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HTC One mini is the alluring combination of good design, pleasing display, and fairly decent hardware. However, it does miss out on a removable and low capacity battery. Read full review: TheEffect.Net Tony. The HTC One Mini is HTC's attempt at creating a lower cost flagship handset and if you ask me, they've done a great job. Read full review. You can read more about HTC Sense 5 in CNET's complete HTC One review. As part of any modern Android experience, the Mini contains all of Google's apps and services, plus essentials like a clock.

Jan 20, 2014 · HTC is the newest to venture into 'mini' territory with the One mini. But does it deliver where many others have failed? Here's our review. HTC One Mini review. The HTC One Mini is a scaled down version of the popular HTC One Android phone. Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter;. £380 Compare HTC One Mini tariffs and deals.

All is not lost. It’s almost unfair to review a phone 10 months post-debut, but if anything the One mini 2 has given us great hope for HTC’s next offerings. If the One M9 and whatever its mini variant is called One mini 3? can age this gracefully, then they’re going to be a pair of solid investments. HTC Phone quality is good. But Software Update wise it. more Actually I have desire 626 and one mini both and for neither one from them us update so basically they are stacked on 4.4.2 both.

Feb 26, 2015 · The difference was less noticeable when we switched to Chrome, but the HTC One Mini still had the edge for smoothness. HTC's software appears to be very well optimised, but there's one. May 15, 2014 · The One 2 Mini isn’t as small as you might expect. Its screen is actually 4.5 inches diagonally - not far off the 4.7in of the original HTC One, substantially bigger than the 4in iPhone 5s', marginally larger than that of the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact,. As far as the Minis go, the HTC One Mini is the best of them. You get the same great design, and the same great core features as the HTC One, but in a smaller package -- which some people prefer. Key to this is the excellent camera, and HTC's dedicated imaging chip. This is impressive technology and it is great to see it in a phone of this price.

Boasting the award-winning features and design of its larger counterpart, the HTC One mini has a compact 4.3” display screen and a slimmer build. Its dual frontal stereo speakers, automatically updating home screen and low-light camera come in a premium metal design more compact than ever. Register for Offers and More >. Reviews 210. Aug 26, 2014 · The HTC One Mini 2 is the ‘mini’ version of the HTC One M8 and the follow-up to the HTC One Mini. The not so small clone of HTC’s 5-inch flagship strips back some of.

The One Mini’s not much shorter than the HTC One but it is lighter and quite a bit narrower, making it much more comfortable in the hand for those who struggle with the likes of the One, Galaxy S4 and Xperia Z. While we tend to lean the One in our left hand and prod the screen with our right or message with both thumbs, we can grip all the.

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