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May 14, 2019 · 10 Symptoms of Dengue Fever. Home Conditions Dengue Fever. By Prerna, Facty Staff Updated: May 14, 2019. 7. Abdominal Pain. Severe abdominal pain is a common symptom of dengue fever. The feeling of pain in the stomach can range in intensity from moderate to intense. The pain usually develops in the right upper quadrant of the stomach. Sep 13, 2019 · An enlarged liver or a liver inflammation is a serious health condition. Leaving it, untreated can cause severe distress to the body. If diagnosed on time, its treatment is possible. Bloating and gas are usually tied to what and how you eat, so a few simple changes may help. Keep Bloating at Bay Here are three common causes of bloating, and how you can avoid them. Have high temperatures, diarrhoea, stomach cramps and bloating. Possibility of dengue fever? MD. I believe i have dengue fever because I 've had high temperatures, chivers,. dengue fever and he compliant about pain in stomach and many other sign of dengue then we admit in hospital he recover in. Not relevant? Ask a doctor now. View answer. One of the symptoms of Dengue is stomach pain which can be treated by Meftal spas tablet. When taking Caripill, one must keep a check on the platelet count in the blood when suffering from dengue.

Apr 18, 2016 · Bloating from fibre rich foods occurs because the bacteria inside the colon digest the fibre to a certain extent. Gas is produced as a by-product of this digestion. January 27, 2016 wennyfoo Tagged Bloating stomach, blood test, body ache, Dengue Fever, Double boiled frog meat with bitter gourd, fever, headaches, Liver infection, Lung fills with water, Nipah crab soup, Papaya leaves drink, platelet count., Porcupine豪猪枣, Stomach ache Leave a comment.

Dec 31, 2018 · Here are common causes and how to get rid of a bloated stomach. What are the symptoms of a bloated stomach? 1. Irritable bowel syndrome. Irritable bowel syndrome can be. A peptic ulcer is a sore in the lining of the stomach or the first part of your small intestine the duodenum, which causes pain following meals or on an empty stomach. Rarity: Uncommon Top Symptoms: fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, moderate abdominal pain, abdominal cramps stomach cramps. Find possible causes of symptoms in children and adults. See our Symptom Checker. Gastric Flu Bloated Stomach Fever Dengue Problems Term Long. The National Organization of Women's Health, as well as the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute recommends eating spinach as part of an anemia prevention. Instead, it was fever, chills, headache, weakness, shaking, loss of appetite, clammy damp skin, dizziness, dark stools and a rash. After four days, the fever went down a bit. I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with dengue/hemorrhagic fever and was admitted to the hospital for treatment.

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Jan 15, 2019 · Bloating, the B of the ABC Acidity, Bloating, Constipation of digestive issues, makes you feel that your stomach is on fire.Bloating in the stomach is an awful feeling of being too full, swollen, heavy and uncomfortable. There is a feeling of excessive gas, distension and increased pressure in the abdomen and bloated stomach. Nov 26, 2013 · Bloating stomach is nothing but a feeling of heavy stomach which is generally accompanied with abdominal pain. Bloating stomach is mainly caused due to irritable bowel syndrome - where the guts do not accept all the food and there is a malfunction in.

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