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As the names imply, with a total disc replacement, all or most of the disc tissue is removed and a replacement device is implanted into the space between the vertebra. With a disc nucleus replacement, only the center of the disc the nucleus is removed and replaced with an implant. The Center for Disc Replacement at Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery in Plano, Texas specializes in Artificial Disc Replacement in the cervical and lumbar regions of the spine. Artificial Disc Replacement is a surgical procedure that provides relief from back and neck pain and offers many benefits over other forms of back and spine surgery, such as spinal fusion. After the disc material and pertinent bone spurs are removed, a replacement disc spacer is placed within the now empty disc space.This spacer is usually made of either cadaver bone or a hard plastic spacer. Bone grafts come from many sources. Each type has advantages and disadvantages.

Jul 10, 2019 · Your cervical disc replacement surgery will be performed in an accredited hospital or surgical center. Disc replacement requires that you be put under general anesthesia. Prior to your surgical date, you may be referred for bloodwork and other tests to ensure you’re able to tolerate anesthesia without complication. Jan 11, 2011 · A sample from the Interactive Educational Program for Spine's cervical total disc replacement animation. You can find many more at spine Sign up.

Hi Jolene I have just had c4/c5 disc replacement & c5/c6 acdf and I cannot really say how i am feeling at the moment other than in real discomfort.but its only 3 days since surgery I have noticed that my burning sensation in my legs has disappeared but I still seem to getting alot of nerve pain so I will have to update further in a couple of. If you suffer low back pain due to degenerative disc disease or bulging disc, the Center for Disc Replacement offers artificial disc replacement surgery in Texas. Allograft bone is harvested by a tissue bank from a cadaver for use in medical procedures like spinal fusion, with the allograft used on its own or as a supplement to the patient's own bone.

Welcome to our new Replacement Center! For any users needing a replacement copy of FTM 2017, we have set up a completely automated online Replacement Center. Whether you've had a hard drive crash, are moving to a new computer, have lost your installation media, or just need to reinstall FTM 2017, you can use the Replacement Center at any time. As a result, it helps you avoid the problems associated with artificial disc replacement and the long-term side effects of lumbar fusion. So how should you decide which type of back surgery is best for you—spinal fusion vs. disc replacement vs. BalancedBack Total Joint Replacement? Here are four things to consider. Anterior Disc Replacement Vs. Eventually, the disk can develop a blister-like bulge, compressing nerves in the spine and causing pain. This is called a "prolapsed" or herniated disk. If such a disk presses on a nerve root and causes muscle weakness, or problems with the bladder or bowel, immediate disk.

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