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A non-traditional reader insert following the readers OC Overclock on her adventures after being sucked into her favorite anime. A reverse harem style retelling of the series from the point of view of a fan who was reincarnated as a character from her fanfiction. Stays fairly. Fanfic Reader is the first Universal App for Fanfiction.Net! Designed using the Windows platform guidelines, it offers a visually appealing and functional experience. Dive into the archives of Fanfiction.Net with this app to have easier access to millions of stories written by over two million users!

1 How old were you when you first starting writing fanfiction? 2 What fandoms do you write for and do you have a particular favourite if you write for more than one? 3 Do you prefer writing OC’s or reader inserts? Explain your answer. 4 What is your favourite genre to write for? Eric Coulter x Reader [Divergent] Request: Can you make me an Eric imagine with fluff in it? - @jasonmccannsgirl8699 I am embarrassed about how long it took for.

Reader-Insert is a type of fanfiction, almost always written in 2nd person Point of View; the protagonist is always the reader, and is usually paired with one of the sexy. Reader Inserts have their audience as well, though it is a lot more limited. I've both written and read reader inserts, but they aren't my first choice. Writing it was fun, since I was writing it for a friend of mine, but I wouldn't have been able to carry it through a longer narrative. i don’t hate on x - reader books but i like them and think there’s nothing wrong with them because people are weird and they can do whatever with their lives. i also think its Odd to pick the personality for the character when not everyone is like.

masterlist requests closed. words: 1290 warnings: a lil fluff. prompt: [requested via wattpad] Can i have an eric from divergent imagine please Maybe where the reader is from amity and its visiting day and the readers parents are mean to her and eric protects her from her parents and they end up together. Originally posted by erichive. You walked towards your parents slowly, your back. Summary: Reader and Poe Dameron grew up the best of friends. Will he remember her now that he’s a big deal in the Resistance? Word Count: 3,223. Pairing: Poe Dameron x fem!reader. Warnings: Canon-divergent!!!, song fic style, language, spoilers for TLJ. A/N: This is for @justareader’s songs challenge. I used the movie version for the lyrics to my chosen song, “Never Had” written by.

Get more free themes & plugins. Place your request Request plus extra! Archive. Hippie Peter Hayes ~Divergent~ x Reader “Title: Hippie Summary: After the reader, who is originally from Amity, joins Dauntless, they meet Peter. A game of capture the flag takes their relationship. Get more free themes & plugins. Place your request Request plus extra! Reader Insert Fanfiction.

Castiel x Reader Masterlist Sweet Innocence fluff Great Catch, Cas!. x reader supernatural x reader spn x reader supernatural masterlist spn masterlist castiel masterlist supernatural reader insert spn reader insert castiel reader insert cas x reader cas reader insert spn fic supernatural fic castiel fic castiel fanfiction supernatural.

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