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Dun Pea microgreens are one our all-time favorite microgreens! The pea shoots are sweet and delicious and fairly straight and leafy. They make a great garnish or addition to any salad. Pisum sativum. Dun Pea microgreens are one of our all-time favorite microgreens! The pea shoots are sweet and delicious and fairly straight and leafy. They make a great garnish or addition to any salad.

Dun Pea Microgreens.$5.00 – $560.00. Check out the 4 week recurring delivery options. mix and match any week you want and it’s all delivered right to your door. To continue consecutive deliveries beyond 4 weeks you need to reorder 12 days before you run out of product. Fava, or fava bean, is a delicious choice of microgreens. It has a crunchy legume-sweet taste of pea and nutty flavor like the sunflower. Unlike others, fava bean grows tall quite fast. Although some said that they have problem germinating the beans, where there’s usually slow and inconsistent growth. Dun Peas Microgreens - 1 Ounce Fruits & Vegetables: Fresh, Greens, No Herbicide, No Pesticide, No Synthetic Fertilizer. Dun Peas have a mildly sweet and fresh flavor and taste just like peas! They have a crunchy succulent texture that makes them a great addition to any salad or sandwich or even your favorite dinner dish. They are high in Vitamins A and C, folic acid, and fiber. They are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Microgreens also help with cancer prevention and heart health as well as diabetes and weight loss. Just pea shoots alone are a great source of 3 chemo protective agents carotene, folate, and antioxidants. Carotenes activity and are commonly associated with increased cancer prevention.

Tulsa Grown and Harvested! Home; About Us; Why Microgreens? What We Grow. Sunflower; Dun Pea; Purple Radish; Red Cabbage.

Pea shoots are the sprouts of green peas that are produced as a microgreen on tray flats, similar to sunflower, wheatgrass or buckwheat greens. These tender young "shoots"created from dried peas, provide a delicious and nutritious edible sprout variety that can be eaten raw in salads or prepared much the same way you would any leafy green vegetable.
Pea shoots are the young leaves of the pea plant, harvested as microgreens at just a few weeks of growth. Any variety of pea can be used for growing pea shoots. They taste like peas and are great tossed in salads, in sandwiches, or cooked by themselves or with other greens in stir fries. Micro Greens. Dun peas. We grow and deliver organic Dun peas at our ranch. These microgreens have it all-gorgeous color, great flavor and loads of nutrition. Eaten as young seedlings, microgreens are harvested just before growing their first true leaves. microgreens can be grown indoors year-round.

Visit the post for more. Pre-Order Dates January 22, 2020. We are now taking pre-orders for Parsley, Basil, Swiss Chard and Dun Pea Microgreens. Dun Pea sprouts are crunchy and have a delicious slightly sweet fresh flavor. The same is true of microgreens / dun pea shoots. The seeds are dried, and have an excellent germination rate and can be used for food storage, garden seed, sprouting, soups and much more. Plant dun peas in a tray of soil and grow into shoots about 3 to 5 inches high for an amazing addition to a microgreens salad. Jun 23, 2019 · You get Sunflower, Buckwheat, Dun Pea, Cilantro and Beet. Having a good variety makes for pretty microgreens and it gets a lot of different nutrients into your system. Also included are a laminated instruction card and a spray bottle. Spray bottles make watering microgreens easy and you don’t have to worry about hurting your baby sprouts.

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