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Tapping Points Diagram. This EFT chart illustrates the meridian points that are stimulated by Tapping. These are the same meridian points used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Stimulating these meridian points in a specific order helps restore the free flow of energy in the body that has become stagnant due to persistent negative emotions and thoughts. & EFT Enthusiasts From Across The Globe! These world-famous EFT Tapping Charts are available for your use. Feel free to download and print the chart for your personal reference, or to give to friends, clients, students, etc. Bppkmark this page and come back & visit often as I'm in the process of uploading other charts! EFT™ TAPPING PROCEDURE The Basic Recipe. Point Perform 9 actions while tapping the GAMUT POINT continuously: 1 Eyes closed 2 Eyes open 3 Eyes hard down right head steady 4 Eyes hard down left head steady 5 Roll eyes in a circle. EFT_Tapping_Chart_English.cdr Created Date. EFT Tapping Points. Read more about our top quality EFT training courses here. Read more about individual therapy and coaching, face-to-face or via Skype here. The diagram below shows the location of the most used points during an EFT treatment. These points are in fact at the ends of energy meridians and are located just beneath the surface of. Jan 25, 2010 · We also offer these more comprehensive articles and tapping point diagrams: Tapping Points and Quick Start Instructions – EFT, MTT, Energy Tapping Free Manual; Tapping Point Charts – Free Images for Your Website or Workbooks; I’d like to introduce you to EFT—Emotional Freedom Techniques. It is a simple and effective form of meridian.

Dec 25, 2013 · We’ve developed these EFT Tapping Point Diagrams so that you have access to FREE, high quality images that show the location of the tapping points. You are welcome to use these charts on your website or handouts for personal or commercial use as long as you leave the copyright and reprint information on the images. If you do use the images. Tapping on various acupuncture points can help you balance your body's energy and overcome worrying in just a couple of weeks or even days. What Is EFT? For those of you who have never heard of EFT before, it is a form of psychological acupressure used to treat a.

EFT taps on 10-14 major points along the meridian pathways that feed most of the systems. All of this and without needles! Tapping Sequence Guide. TheEFT tapping points chart shows how a tapping point corresponds with an energy meridian in the body. For example, the under eye point equals the stomach. The side eye point equals the gall bladder. The EFT tapping points shown on the tapping chart below are the points that are commonly used in EFT, although not all of these points are used by all EFT practitioners. EFT Tapping Points. This natural health technique is very powerful, and sometimes one particular point is all that is needed. This is an EFT Tapping chart and procedure sheet so that you can learn how to apply EFT on your own.

EFT Tapping Points - Free Manual – Thriving Now.

Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT as it’s better known, is fast becoming one of the leading energy therapies used by highly respected clinicians, psychologists and psychiatrists. This Cheat Sheet gives you some of the essential info about EFT up front. The Hand Tapping Points in. EFT Tapping for anxiety and fear - online courses, workshops, and coaching. EFT Tapping is like acupuncture for emotional healing. Anyone can learn to use Tapping to calm anxiety by Tapping on a series of meridian points with their fingertips.

Chart of Tapping Points ©2010 – Callahan Techniques, Ltd.. Key to Abbreviations for TFT Treatment Points SUD = subjective units of distress e = under eye under the pupil just below the rim of the bone eb = inside eyebrow at the point where the eyebrow begins. After an EFT round, I often end by tapping on the points listed on the next page: TOP OF HEAD Opens Crown Chakra This is not one particular point, although the head has many meridian points. You can tap anywhere on the top of the head especially spots that. PDF Downloads. Consent for Therapy Read this before your session. Getting the Most out of Your Session Print and read this before your session, group or tele-class. EFT Procedure This page shows you both the basic EFT Procedure and the tapping points. EFT Flow Chart. What is the Emotional Freedom Techniques? The Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, is the psychological acupressure technique I routinely use in my practice and most highly recommend to optimize your emotional health. The EFT Tapping chart includes the most commonly used tapping points: top of the head, eye brow, side of eye, under the eye, under the nose, chin point, collarbone, and under the arm. There are several other tapping points on the hand that I use in my work with my clients.

tapping points. Even though the original EFT basic recipe started out with a few more tapping points, only 8 tapping points are used now. With time, the rest of the points were deemed unnecessary. This tutorial shows the shortcut form of EFT with 8 tapping points. Set up tapping To begin, use your dominant hand right hand. EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques or “Tapping” is a body/mind self-help method. It combines a gentle touch together with mindful and vocal attention to thoughts and feelings. EFT involves tapping with our fingertips on acupuncture points on the hands, face and body while focusing temporarily upon an issue we wish to resolve.

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