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These strategies will help you cultivate a classroom where all students are welcomed to participate equally. 5 Teaching Strategies to Promote Equality 1. Use the Cooperative Learning Strategy Think-Pair-Share. A simple way to ensure that all students are getting an equal chance to participate is to use the cooperative learning strategy Think. Ensuring equitable access for all learners to quality learning programmes. Ensuring that every child is literate and numerate by the end of Year 8. Ensuring the education sector is responsive to the training needs of the wider community through collaboration and partnerships with other agencies. Ensuring High Quality Instruction in All Classrooms. Hover over the graphic to get a description or click on a section to hyperlink to its specific webpage. Planning for Professional Learning Center on Great Teachers & Leaders.

It is assumed, therefore, that teachers and the actions they take in the classroom fundamentally impact students and what they learn. Often we, as a community of education stakeholders, take this assumed relationship so far as to assert that educational systems are only as good as the quality of their teachers. Provide floor cushions, beanbag chairs and inspiring artwork. Clean out your attic, basement or garage. You will probably find tons of items to enliven your classroom collecting dust in those spaces. Local businesses and organizations may be willing to donate furnishings and other materials to help you create a positive learning environment. In case the school uses standardized tests to measure students learning outcomes, I think the results of these tests could be a good indicator of ensuring quality teaching learning environment. Surly, the quality of teaching learning environment should have positive relationship with students achievement. Chapter 11: Ensuring quality teaching in a digital age.Purpose of the chapter.When you have read this chapter, and in conjunction with what has been learned in previous chapters, you should be able to: define quality in terms of teaching in a digital age.

The research has clearly shown that quality teaching matters to student learning. Teacher quality has been consistently identified as the most important school-based factor in student achievement. Aug 19, 2011 · What makes lectures ‘unmissable’? Insights into teaching excellence and active learning. Journal of Geography in Higher Education 332: 209-233. Trigwell, K. And Prosser, M. 1991. Improving the quality of student learning: the influence of learning context and student approaches to learning on learning outcomes. Organize the physical space of your classroom for movement and interaction. Make it easy for students to pull their desks together to do small group work. Set it up so that it is easy for you to walk around. Your movement around the classroom helps make your teaching more engaging. It.

Jul 24, 2015 · Engaging with teachers to ensure quality and equity. Over the past 15 years, we’ve learned that getting children through the classroom door is not enough. Ensuring that they are learning is the critical piece, and more teachers and better teaching lie at the heart of any solution to the learning.

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