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Drivers under the age of 25 must pay a higher rental rate and select vehicles are unavailable to those under age 25. Drivers renting a vehicle in New York state or Michigan must be at least 18. Under 21 car rental as additional diver. Thorn Tree forum Country forums United States of America. Enter custom title optional. that would allow to list an under 21 additional driver for a car rented by a 25 year old primary driver? Thanks in advance. View last reply. Report. 1. zeldasdad. which could add. The minimum age requirement to rent a vehicle with Alamo is 21 years of age, but there is a young driver surcharge for all customers renting a car under age 25. Car Rental under 21 is available in Michigan, New York State info below, and for military personnel and government employees. Car Rental Age Requirements & Additional Information.

Dec 05, 2019 · Car Rental Fees for Drivers Under 25 A Young Renter Fee also called an Under-25 Fee or Underage Fee is a daily fee that compensates the rental car company for the extra risk when young renters drive their vehicles. The rumors are not true – you can rent a car under 25. Hertz is proud to provide affordable car rental options for drivers 20 years and up. You’re young, and you’ve got places to go, things to see, selfies to take, and jackkerouac vibes to fulfill. After the age of 25, incidences of auto accidents are dramatically lower than the accident rates of young drivers. However, safe and qualifying drivers who are between the ages of 20 and 24 or ages 18-24 in Michigan and New York states are able to rent cars with Dollar. In order to do so, young renters will have to pay an Under 25/Young.

Thrifty Car Rentals for Drivers Under 25. If you’re a driver under the age of 25 looking to rent a car for your next adventure, you’ve made it to the right place. Forget the rumors you’ve heard about needing to be at least 25 to rent a car. Thrifty offers rentals to those ages 20 years and up.. Car rental additional drivers will be ANYONE other than yourself, who will drive your rental car.Even if you rent a car, but never drive it, you are automatically considered the primary operator of the vehicle. Anyone else who drives your rental must be approved by the company. Jul 11, 2019 · If you're under the age of 25, you are at a significant disadvantage when renting a car. The underage surcharge—a.k.a. the young renter fee—is a hefty per-day fee that rental companies tack on for drivers under the age of 25. The good news is that there's a. Home > Under 25 Car Rental. Renting a Car Under 25? We’ve Got You Covered. It's a common misconception that drivers have to be at least 25 years old to rent a car. Here's the truth: Hertz rents to drivers 20 years old and up. Say hello to the driver’s seat. Book Your Ride. How Do I Rent a Car as an Under 25-Year-Old?

May 10, 2019 · The picture isn’t as bleak as it was years ago, when many of the big companies didn’t allow any car rental under 25 years of age. Drivers ages 21 to. Jul 26, 2019 · In some states you can obtain a driver’s license if you’re only 15 years old, but many rental car companies require you to be at least 20 or 21 to get behind the wheel. And even if are old enough to rent a car, you may still be faced with a young-driver fee if you’re under 25. The List of Rental Car Companies That Will Rent to You If You’re Under 25. If you want to rent a car under age 25, come prepared with a current driver’s license and a valid credit/debit card, and, in most cases, expect to pay an underage renter surcharge on top of the normal rental fees. Can I Add an Additional Driver to My Car Hire? UK and Ireland Yes, additional drivers are allowed, if the following criteria are met: All additional drivers must: meet all renter requirements; appear at the rental counter with the primary renter; present a valid driver's licence.

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