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European Alder.

A Little History: Alder European is quite durable underwater. In fact, these trees have been used for piles and supports, most notably throughout Venice, Italy. In fact, these trees have been used for piles and supports, most notably throughout Venice, Italy. European alder seeds have no wings; therefore, despite their small size they are usually not spread more than 30 to 60 in 100 to 200 ft by the wind, although they may occasionally be blown much farther over the top of crusted snow. Black Alder European alder is a moderately-sized deciduous tree or large shrub which is found growing about up to 30 meters 100 ft. tall and 30 cm diameter. The tree is found growing in wetlands, riparian zones, lakesides, natural forests, planted forests and ruderal/disturbed areas. Bark is normally smooth and greenish brown when it is young.

Black Alder Wood. Also known as Alnus glutinosa, the black alder is European alder, belonging to the Betulaceae family. This species of the tree originated in Europe, northern Africa, and southwest Asia. Alder is a warm honey-red colored wood with a beautiful, subtle grain interspersed with fine lines and flecks produced by the tree’s annual growth rings. Domestic alder grows in a mile mile wide coastal strip along the Pacific coast from Canada almost to Mexico; European alder along. European black alder has invasive traits that enable it to spread aggressively. This tree is under observation and may be listed on official invasive species lists in the near future. Review of risks should be undertaken before selecting this tree for planting sites. Black European alder Alnus glutinosa A fast-growing, multi-stemmed tree in the birch family. Trees roots have nitrogen-fixing microbial symbionts. New leaf-growth is sticky to the touch. European Black Alder Alnus glutinosa Description: A deciduous tree with narrow pyramidal or columnar shape, typically multi-stemmed. It grows 40 to 60 feet tall and 20 to 40 feet wide. Leaves are simple and alternate, two to four inches long and three to four inches wide, rounded with a crenate or shallow toothed margin. Flowers are.

European Alder Alnus glutinosa Nepalese Alder Alnus nepalensis Scans/Pictures: As seen from the scans below, Alder darkens a good amount when a finish is applied, and overall takes on a look that is not too unlike Black Cherry. However, alder is a softer wood and we have had some issue with it scratching/denting easily. Does anyone use another species that has the tight grain of alder other than cherry that is in the same price line? We pay about $3.25 BF for alder surfaced and straightlined. Forum Responses Cabinetmaking Forum From contributor J: European beech. Alder wood is one of two kinds used to make Fender guitar bodies, with ash being the other one. According to Fender's site, alder was first chosen because it was plentiful. It also has good sound properties and is easy to finish with stains.

Red Alder The Wood Database - Lumber Identification.

European black alder Not recommended The Morton.

The closed grain makes it easy for finishing the wood. The European alder is often known as the Black alder while North American Alder is known as Red Alder. European Alder is also used as an ornamental tree. Black alder is not restricted to Europe and is also grown in some parts of Asia. The hardwood of the alder has been used for a wide variety of purposes, from the pilings of the foundation of the floating city of Venice to furniture, cabinets and trim. The Fender Musical Instruments Corporation has built guitar bodies out of alder wood since the 1950s. Appearance Alnus glutinosa is a tree in the birch family that can grow up to 50 ft 15.24 m tall with the crown spreading from 20-40 ft 6.1-12.2 m wide. It can be single or multi-stemmed, with a smooth greyish-green bark that turns a speckled grayish-brown. It.

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