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Petunia. Grow old-fashioned varieties of petunias Petunia selections for a spicy, clove-like scent. The funnel-shaped flowers come in many sizes and color patterns. Grow in full sun to partial shade. Look for seeds or transplants of these fragrant varieties at your local garden center in the spring.</plaintext> Petunia multiflora Common in Iowa gardens a century ago, this fragrant, old-fashioned beauty offers vintage appeal. Its aromatic, single-trumpeted flowers can be white, pink, lavender, or purple; they bloom from June until hard frost. The strong plants have trailing 2-3'. Petunias aren’t always the most fragrant flowers, as some cultivars have been developed for appearance and growth habit and not for scent. But there are lots and lots of petunias out there, in fact most, that still have their characteristic heavy sweet scent. In the evenings, a flower box of petunias can perfume the air like no other flower. Fragrant Daddy Blue petunias Photo from Thompson-Morgan It’s petunia-sniffing time again. I discovered Daddy Blue petunia while sniffing my way up and down the aisles in garden centres this spring. It’s the only way to find scented petunias, as there.</p> <p>Petunia varieties,Types of Petunia,Petunia flower collection Common Name: Bicolor petunia, Ultra Crimson Star Petunia with white strips Botanical name: Petunia Multiflora. Petunia violacea-- Fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers on trailing plants. Blooms in shades of pink, purple, crimson and white. Blooms in shades of pink, purple, crimson and white. Easy to grow from seed. Dec 08, 2019 · Red petunias come in a variety of shapes and sizes and habits – from bushy to trailing. One particular aspect of the red petunia is that they tend to be more fragrant and there are very attractive to hummingbirds and bees. Remember it is important to feed the bees! The red petunia is a good environmental choice for this reason. Some great fragrant bulb varieties include daylily, hyacinth, iris and narcissus. Annuals. Aromatic annuals include alyssum, nasturtium, pansy, petunia, poppy, primros, stock and viola. Evergreens. A couple of notable fragrant evergreens are juniper and pine.</p> <p>While the rest of the world waits for the development of a perfect true blue rose, I’ll be content to grow easy blue flowers like the petunia ‘Wave Blue.’ Let two or three plants take over your sunny window box, and discover why this variety won the AAS award and a Fleuroselect gold medal. Cascadia and Surfinia are two more popular types of petunias. These are bred for their trailing habit, vivid colors, and prolific flowering. They generally have the wide flowers of traditional petunias, in unusual colors. You'll find lots of interesting shading and veining with these petunias.</p> <h3>Fragrant Plants - Lowe's.</h3> <h2>Fragrant Daddy Blue petunia Garden Making.</h2> <p>Mar 22, 2019 · Night-scented plants begin releasing their sweet fragrances as dusk falls. They’ve evolved to attract nocturnal pollinators, such as moths, and are often pale in colour, making them more visible in moonlight. Plant night-scented plants around a terrace or patio, near an open window or next to a well-worn path to enjoy their perfume more easily. Jul 17, 2015 · If you want to get reseeding petunias started in your garden, buy a package of seeds of old fashioned petunias. Grow them according to label directions, or find a garden center that sells them. Of course, you can always harvest some of the seeds from a friend or a fellow gardener who will share some seeds from their plants. The most fragrant is Petunia pendula, an heirloom variety, with charming small flowers in shades of white, palest lavender, pink, and purple. Sweetly scented especially at dusk, these flowers are meant to be enjoyed on summer evenings. White Flower Farm is a family-owned mail-order nursery located in northwestern Connecticut. 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