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Strength names for girls are usually a blend of interpretations from the different shades of strength meanings. Strength names can portray influence, power and force. They could also allude to strength of character, as with the name Shounda, which means ‘inner strength’. Strength names are rather popular as baby girl names. Girl names that mean strong are in demand with many of today’s parents, as nothing is more powerful than incredible meaning. The meaning of a name tells a story and through picking a fierce one, many parents hope their little one will adopt a fighting spirit. This. Jan 24, 2019 · Meaning ‘strength,’ this is a beautiful name choice that oozes class and sophistication, yet a strong name choice thanks to its meaning. With its longstanding associations with history, Valerie has seen popularity since the late 1800s and continues to be a top choice name in the modern era. Search through thousands of Girl Names that mean 'strength' - Meaning of Names is the place to come for the best resources for Girl Names that mean 'strength' Girl Names that mean 'strength' Names Surnames Submit a Name Contact us.

Baby names for your little girl meaning strong If you’re having a little girl, why not take a look through our name choices that mean strong. However you are going about choosing your baby’s name, it’s great to know the meaning of the name you are planning to go with. Sep 25, 2018 · Strong, Powerful, and Beautiful Baby Girl Names:1. Lenna. Old German names are very powerful names!2. Millie. This girl’s name is of multiple origins, and the meaning of Millie is " industrious ".3. Audrey. Audrey was the name of beloved sixth-century saint Etheldreda. Meaning Noble Strength. Girl names with other strong meanings Nadine: courage of a bear.Kelsey: brave.Casey: brave.Valentina: brave.Callen: powerful.Amber: fierce.Ernestine: serious; determined.Sophia: wisdom, wise.. Audrey, meaning noble strength, is a stunning name pick for parents who want their girl to embody the same style, grace, confidence, and kindness of Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn. Names that mean brave, strong, or powerful are newly interesting to parents who realize those positive qualities are gender neutral and desirable for all children, whether they're embodied in the meaning of a name or not. Traditionally, there are fewer girls' names that mean brave or powerful than there are boys' names with strong meanings.

Aug 24, 2017 · Because we know making a final decision on a baby name is so much harder than it sounds, we’ve created a list of names with meanings of strength, power and nobility —. Rome-Marie Meaning: As this name is split, it's meanings differ, but when brought together means 'Strength' and 'Power' Romily Meaning: With Hebrew origin, Romily means 'God's beloved one' and is also representative of a French destination. Rose Meaning:. W isdom baby names and what they mean, for wisdom, wise, learned, oracle, with 43 results. Usage of these girl names reached its apex in the year 2013 ADOPTION OF 2.5% and is almost as widespread today ADOPTION 2.24%, DOWN 10%, but with names like Sonia becoming somewhat dated.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Fighter:. From warrior to protector to fighter and survivor, the names are a powerhouse of strength, fearlessness, and an indomitable spirit. Do read out each name individually to understand how it will sound when you speak it out loud. Also, take a look at exactly what meaning you are looking for, and make your. AONGHUS m Irish, Scottish, Irish Mythology Possibly meaning "one strength" derived from Irish óen "one" and gus "force, strength, energy". Aonghus sometimes surnamed Mac Og meaning "young son" was the Irish god of love and youth. The name was also.

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