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Due to the fact that a large forehead is a very masculine trait, Hairline Lowering Surgery is commonly sought out to feminize the male face. Hairline Lowering can be combined with any Facial Feminization Surgery. Typically, the first “go-to” surgeries are ones that will reduce or eliminate an obvious male. Hairline lowering surgery is performed with either local or general anesthesia and requires about two to three hours. The incision is placed along the hairline. As the hair grows over the incision line after surgery, any resulting scar becomes inconspicuous. During surgery, the excess forehead skin is removed and the scalp advanced forward.

Feminizing hairline lowering, or scalp advancement as it is also known, is ideal for facial gender confirmation candidates who may have a naturally higher hairline and/or larger forehead. It is also not uncommon for us to lower, or reshape the hairline of non. Just as the name states, a hairline lowering forehead reduction surgery lowers your hairline. This can be achieved using individual hair follicles to completely redesign your hairline. It can also be achieve by removing a section of your forehead skin and advancing the hairline forward. Each type of surgery has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Hairline lowering surgery can be performed at the same time as brow lifting surgery but the two procedures don’t necessarily need to be performed together and it’s important for patients to understand that hairline lowering does not necessarily elevate the brows. Lower Your Hairline. There are two techniques that Dr. Alexander will perform for lowering the elevated hairline to treat a high forehead: i surgical hairline advancement, and ii hair transplantation. Oftentimes, the two techniques are used together in a complementary fashion to provide the most natural-appearing hairline possible. Hairline Lowering Surgery or Forehead Reduction Surgery. Hairline lowering surgery with the FROST procedure. This was a one stage procedure done without a tissue expander bringing this patient's hairline down by about 2 inches. See more forehead reduction surgery before and after photos.

When you say, "lower the hairline naturally", I assume you mean you are interested in a non-surgical hairline lowering procedure. Unfortunately, there is presently no non-invasive method to lower a high forehead. However, the good news is that for the right candidates, hairline lowering surgery is a straightforward, safe procedure. id Hospital’s hairline forehead reduction not only shortens the forehead length but also. re-designs the shape to balance it with facial contour. Therefore, it corrects the hairline as well. Long forehead means it covers over 1/3 of the face. Patients seeking hairline lowering surgery are men and women who feel that their forehead is overly high and out of proportion with the rest of their facial features. It is not suitable for men with receding hair as the scars need to be hidden in the hairline.

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What is forehead reduction or hairline lowering surgery? Forehead reduction, or hairline lowering as it is also known, aims to reduce the height of the forehead.This procedure is ideal for both men and women who feel that they have a very high hairline and/or a large forehead. Particularly for male patients, male pattern baldness follows a pattern that begins with a receding hairline followed by hair thinning on the crown, resulting in shorter and finer hair, which is called “miniaturization”. Typically, the hairline progressively recedes or moves backward, hence the term “receding hairline”. May 12, 2017 · Men with a high hairline or large forehead can also be good candidates for hairline lowering surgery if they have a thick hairline and no personal or family history of hair loss. Good scalp laxity and hair density is important, and therefore, a detailed consultation and examination with Dr. Champagne is necessary. Mar 07, 2014 · For balding men, the promise of regaining their hairline with the help of a hair transplant can seem all too good to pass up. Expert warns against hair transplants for men in their 20s.

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