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Dyeing your hair doesn’t have to be as basic as an all-over color. It doesn’t even have to be highlights either. One fun idea for dyeing your hair is to only dye the tips of your hair, which can be a subtle, yet funky look anyone can try. Mix the hair dye and developer according to the instructions on the box. Shake it well and remove the cap. Put on latex gloves. Most hair dye comes with gloves. Separate the hair you are dying into small sections. Work from top to bottom. Apply the dye to the root first and then up to the tip. Make sure each section of hair is saturated with dye. Mar 29, 2019 · Part 2 Dyeing Your Hair 1. Put on some gloves, prepare your dye, and put on a dyeing cape.2. Section off your hair. Use the handle of a rat-tail comb to divide your hair in half.3. Apply the dye to the bottom part of your first mini ponytail.4. Clean your gloves, then twist your ponytail to. Call this the worst hair dye snafu of all because you’re not going to find out until it is too late. The big difference between dyeing at home and dyeing in a salon is the coverage. Put on the plastic gloves and mix the underneath color dye according to the box's instructions. Apply to the bottom layers of hair starting at the root and working the dye through to the ends. Twist the dyed hair into a bun and secure with a clip. Rinse the dye off of the gloves.

You want fun hair; you want funky hair; you want to color your hair with the new "in-style" hairstyle that has been seen all over the place. You want to tip the ends of your hair with fun colors! Unfortunately, you don't have any clue how to do it, and going to the salon can be a bit expensive. Layered hair creates a volumized appearance by giving the hair the illusion of body. Layered hair is created by trimming the top layers of the hair shorter than the bottom layers. This allows the different lengths to be accentuated in order to create volume; the different layers are often curled to create a wispy and stylized appeal.

Mix the desired color hair dye. Again section off 1 inch of hair. Apply the dye starting at the roots and work your way down, covering the entire bleached section. Repeat for the entire bottom layer of your hair. Determine the dye time by reading instructions. Rinse and condition when the time is up. Blow dry your hair. Unclip the top layer and style. The most common of all the two-toned hair color ideas would have to be a sporting a hidden layer of color—AKA peek-a-boo hair. By dyeing your bottom layer of hair a different color, you can maintain an office-approved hair color on top, only to reveal a bold hair color statement every time you flip your hair.

Brunettes that want to achieve a natural two-toned look can leave their natural hair roots dark as they are and lightly bleach the middle to bottom parts of the hair for a nice ombre fade out look. Dark brown or black hair and red lower parts or tips are also great for spicing up your natural dark hair color. Two tone hair color ideas for brown hair. Hair can get boring at times but coloring your hair is a great way to revive it! Add a pop of color to your hair and dye it using one of these several different coloring techniques. From ombre's to balayage, your hair will be sure to stand out from the crowd! Be daring and try something different with color. If you'd rather just use a bottle, use the tip of the bottle to separate small slices of hair to color. 03 Raise the roots. When coloring your hair, pull thin slices of hair up vertically off the head and work from top to bottom to make sure you fully cover roots. Jun 24, 2015 · I really enjoy dying my hair and do it quite often, so I thought I would make a video on it. When I first started dying my hair I learnt by watching youtube videos.

If you love to dye your hair bright colors, then you might consider this fun electric red ombré style. Her natural color is almost black, and then the rest of the hair transitions down into a saturated bright red color. Check out her tutorial over at Be Glam By Lindsay. 12. DIY Brown and Blonde Ombré.

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