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Rock Monster wheels are available for most vehicles in black, silver, or argent. To place an order through this store please be sure to send us the type of tire brand, size, specifications you plan to use with your wheels to ensure you get the correct beadlock. In the modern age, Hutchinson has expanded into military, recreational, construction equipment, and more. The Rock Monster Beadlock Wheels are a high-quality DOT compliant beadlock for recreational off-road use, such as when applied to the Jeep Wrangler. Oct 25, 2017 · Product Spotlight: Hutchinson Rock Monster. Tread Staff and treadmagazine October 25, 2017 New Products. Wheels are more than just looks. In the off-road community, the term beadlock is something that will always pique someone’s interest. Traditional beadlocks work by having a two-piece outer face of the wheel rim. This outer face will be. Oct 17, 2017 · Here's the detailed installation howto of the Hutchinson Rock Monster Beadlock wheel and tire assembly. How to add TPMS Sensors to the inner bead lock. Some helpful O3D Jeeps links for you.

May 07, 2019 · Does any have any have experience with the Hutchinson Rock Monster beadlocks? I have 38x13.50 and a little concerned about a rim that is only 8.5". Any input is apricated, even if it is a different direction. Right now I have non beadlocks and don't. Jul 25, 2017 · Although there are a couple of members running Hutchinson Rock Monsters, there is not a lot of info on these, so I thought I would make a thread here on TW. Most of this is just copy and pasted from my build thread. For those of you that don't know, Hutchinson makes heavy duty, bombproof beadlock wheels for many military vehicles. Street Legal and DOT Compliant, Rock Monster Wheels are built to safely take you through rugged terrain with assured traction, reliability, and confidence. To increase your Jeep's traction in soft terrain such as sand, mud, or snow, it is necessary to increase the footprint of the tires. This is achieved by decreasing the tire's air pressure. Hutchinson’s Rock Monster Civilian Application Double Bead Lock Wheels, on the other hand, are the exception – these wheels ARE actually road legal and DOT approved. Hutchinson has strong ties to the Military and Department of Defense, and has recently adapted their military-grade wheels for.

Dec 02, 2016 · Quality Counts – Grabber X3 and Hutchinson Rock Monster Wheels by William Connor December 2, 2016 December 2, 2016. Took our new tires and rims to the local installer to have them balanced yesterday. DOT certified bead lock wheels fitted with 37 inch tires seemed like they would be a hassle to balance and make road worthy. Oct 03, 2018 · The Rock Monsters should be fairly easy no special tools to mount yourself actually still time and work and then take to your preferred tire shop for balancing. They are DOT approved so you shouldn't get that line that they can't because of insurance.

The Hutchinson Beadlock offers a DOT-compliant street-legal solution for any driver who needs to “air down” for greater traction on rocks, sand, mud snow, loose dirt, or any off-road surface. It enables you to run the same tires over the road and off-road without compromising their performance in.

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