Is Water Wet //

Water makes things wet, therefore it cannot make itself wet. Wetness is a term used for when water or some other kind of liquid is on top of or covering a surface or object. Therefore, saying that water is wet is implying that water is on top of water, which cannot be. When you pour water onto water. 1.: consisting of, containing, covered with, or soaked with liquid such as water Okay so after reading this definition I thought this was it, this proves that yes, in fact, water IS wet. Because water consists of and contains a liquid aka itself. BUT wait there’s more. Is water wet? Water should not be considered wet for a few reasons. Claims have been made that if an object is considered wet, the molecules in water are what cause it to be wet, meaning that water is already wet itself. There is no way water can make other things wet without being “wet”. What is forgotten is that wetness is a description. Therefore, if water is touching other water, then it is wet. A lot of water is wet, much of the world's water is wet, however not all water is wet. If you can isolate a water molecule, which is near impossible then it is not wet because it is not touching other water molecules. Dec 13, 2017 · In other words, it's a pointless issue. Water is water. Wet means something has water on or in it in all versions of the English language that I am familiar with. I did a cursory look and did not see a "huge debate" on social media about water being wet or not.

IF YOU want to get wet, make sure you have at least a half-dozen molecules of water. Scientists have now shown that water does not start to behave like a liquid until at least six molecules form a. May 27, 2007 · In the physical sense, wetness implies the absorption of bulk water into a material or the adsorption of water on its surface. By this definition, water is of course wet. An everyday definition of wetness is that the material feels wet to the touch. Water certainly feels wet, so.

I think the argument would be a disagreement on the definition of wet. Non-wet believers believe that wet is defined to be a surface in which water coats, hence water cannot be wet because it. Water is not wet. Many people think water is actually wet, but here is some of my reasoning on why water is not wet; Definition of wet- adjective- covered or saturated with water or another liquid. Jul 22, 2013 · Water is the thing that makes things wet by covering it. The water itself is not wet as wet is the condition of being covered in water. Water cannot be covered in water as water is just water. Furthermore, water cannot be covered in any other liquid either as the liquids either separate or mix. Duh what a dumb question. No bitch water isn’t fucking wet since “wet” is an adjective to describe something that was once dry that has now been contacted by a liquid. If you drop some water on your skin the molecules will stick and you’ll be wet. If you spill water on your t-shirt, the fabric molecules draw water into it, even against gravity.

Because water is a liquid and one of the main properties of liquids are that they are wet, water is also wet. Another reason is also because water is a compound meaning that the stuff that creates it hydrogen and oxygen lose their properties when thy are mixed together. Dec 06, 2017 · Water isn't wet, its our description of the experience of water, when something is submerged in water, it is not wet, it only becomes wet when it reaches air. Reasons behind why it is wet. Water is a liquid, therefore water is wet. 1. moistened, covered, or soaked with water or.

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