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A delectable, autumn chestnut jelly cake. As traditional as Japanese desserts come, this sweet treat combines syrup preserved chestnuts and azuki paste to produce a delicious jelly cake to please the senses. These are best enjoyed after dinner with a cup of hot tea. This Japanese version of the crowd-pleasing dessert combines cheesecake flavor with a souffle-like, cakey texture that jiggles like jelly but tastes fresh and airy.

Nana's Old Fashioned Jelly Cake. 26 made it 13 reviews 1 photos. 1. Recipe by: JAYJOSE "This is a moist yellow cake with a jelly spread over the top while warm. It is so moist, it will melt in your mouth! Use your favorite flavor of jelly. The water cake looks like a large bowl of jelly without the color, but its makers insist that it’s cake. The strange dish is a variation of the well-known Japanese rice-cake confection, shingen. What is Water Cake? Water cake is available at two Kinseiken shops in the Yamanashi Prefecture which seem to have helped make the dessert famous - it’s not really fair to call it a cake as it’s more of a jelly usually formed with kanten - a natural gelling agent. Konnyaku also refers to the prepared food where the root of the konjac plant is made into a rectangular block of jelly-like yam cake or noodles. In Japanese cuisine, konnyaku is as common as short-grain rice and used in many different types of Japanese dishes. Coffee Jelly was first made at a branch of a Japanese chain coffee shop in the 1960s, and became popular all over Japan. Because of the tasty coffee flavor and simplicity of making it, Coffee Jelly once was one of the most frequently made desserts at home.

Japanese cheesecake – cotton soft, light, pillowy, the BEST cheesecake recipe EVER. Tried and tested, a MUST-BAKE for cheesecake lover! When I was home in Penang a couple of months ago, my contributor CP Choong baked these cotton soft Japanese cheesecake. Japanese Castella Cake, or Kasutera カステラ in Japanese, is a popular Japanese honey spongecake which was originally introduced by the Portuguese merchants to Nagasaki area in the 16th century. Apple Jelly Cake. 1 photo of Apple Jelly Cake. By Renee Covington @Windsong7 7. This is a recipe that my great-grandmother gave me many years ago. It is made by most of my family. Shares. Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest Share on Twitter Email. Mizu Yokan is a traditional Japanese dessert, or wagashi, as it is known in Japanese cuisine. Yokan is a general term which refers to this jelly dessert made of red azuki beans, agar, and sugar. The red azuki beans are in the form of tsubuan smooth red bean paste or koshian coarse red bean paste.In other variations of yokan, the red beans are substituted with a white kidney bean paste.

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