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Mike Figgis based Leaving Las Vegas on a 1990 autobiographical novel by John O'Brien, who died of suicide in April 1994, shortly after finding out his novel was being used as the basis for a film. Oct 28, 2015 · On April 10, 1994, Leaving Las Vegas author John O'Brien died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He was 33 years old. Leaving Las Vegas is a 1995 American romantic drama film written and directed by Mike Figgis, and based on the semi-autobiographical novel of the same name by John O'Brien. Nicolas Cage stars as a suicidal alcoholic in Los Angeles who, divorced and recently fired, has decided to move to Las Vegas and drink himself to death. He loads a supply of. That Ben repeatedly calls Sera his angel during his demise - as he enjoys the best of - and endures the worst of - Las Vegas living. It is possible that all of it is a hallucination during the final pathetic act of his life. The invention of Sera makes his passing bearable, doable, a possible goal for him. SYNOPSIS: Ben is an alcoholic from L.A., who was left by his wife and has lost his job. Unable to solve his personal problems, he decides to go to Las Vegas to drink himself to death. He meets high-priced prostitute Sera, and the two use each other for emotional support while Ben declines and eventually dies.

Sera Elisabeth Shue sits on the bed with Ben Nicolas Cage as he takes his final breathes. Movie Description Leaving Las Vegas – The sadly beautiful film based on the book of the same name by John O’Brian portrays two lonely people in society. Nicholas Cage won an Oscar for his performance as the alcoholic Ben. Leaving Las Vegas is a 1995 drama film starring Nicolas Cage and Elisabeth Shue. Ben Sanderson Cage is a depressed Hollywood screenwriter who due to his non-stop alcoholic habits eventually loses both his job and family. All of this causes Ben to. "Leaving Las Vegas" is still Nicolas Cage's best work. We follow Cage's Ben as he moves from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, where the bars never close and drinking outside is sanctioned.

It frees Sera to continue to build her relationship with Ben. On his second day in Las Vegas, Ben finds Sera, on the same street where he met her, introduces himself and offers her $500 to go to his room for an hour. Sera agrees to go to his room, but she gets confused when Ben. From the outset, however, Ben warns Sera that no matter what, she can never ask him to quit drinking, a condition to which she grudgingly agrees. Leaving Las Vegas charts the brief romantic.

O'Brien committed suicide by gunshot at his Beverly Hills apartment on April 10, 1994, two weeks after learning that his novel, Leaving Las Vegas, was to be made into a movie. His father says that the novel was his suicide note. Hollywood screenwriter and dedicated drunk Ben heads for Las Vegas where the bars are open twenty-four hours a day to drink himself to death. He meets prostitute Sera and she moves in with him. The relation is doomed, Ben doesn't want to stop drinking and Sera doesn't want to quit her job. Apr 25, 2004 · Mike Figgis' "Leaving Las Vegas" 1995 is not a love story, although it feels like one, but a story about two desperate people using love as a form of prayer and a last resort against their pain. It is also a sad, trembling portrait of the final stages of alcoholism. Those who found it too extreme were simply lucky enough never to have arrived there themselves. Leaving Las Vegas 1995, USA by Mike Viggis Main Cast: Nicolas Cage, Elisabeth Shue Company: Initial Entertainment Group The movie tells the story of Ben an alcohol addict, who goes to Las Vegas to drink himself to death. There he falls in love with Sera a prostitute. They become a.

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