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The name Corymbia citriodora comes from the Latin citriodorus, which means lemon-scented. Many naturalists and conservationists do not recognise the genus Corymbia and still categorise its species within Eucalyptus. Corymbia is a genus of about 113 species of tree that were classified as Eucalyptus species until the mid-1990s. It includes the bloodwoods, ghost gums and spotted gums. Lemon cedar, also called lemon cypress, Monterey cypress, pine and sometimes goldcrast lemon tree is an evergreen conifer family. The foliage of this tree has yellowish green and its leaves have a fragrance that reminds the smell of lemon. Backhousia citriodora common names lemon myrtle, lemon scented myrtle, lemon scented ironwood is a flowering plant in the family Myrtaceae, genus Backhousia. It is endemic to subtropical rainforests of central and south-eastern Queensland, Australia, with a natural distribution from Mackay to Brisbane. Lemon Scented Goldcrest Cypress Tree Cupressus macrocarpa "Gold Crest" makes an excellent indoor or outdoor tree. It is hardy in zones 7-9 or grow indoors in a cool and sunny window. Keep the tree evenly moist, not wet or dry. You can place the living tree almost anywhere for the holidays. It looks fantastic with miniature ornaments.

Lemon-scented Gum One of Don’s all time favourite trees, the lemon-scented gum announces its presence in a garden or street by the delicious lemon fragrance from the leaves. The perfume is particularly noticeable after rain. Lemon cypress is another name for the "Golden Crest "or "Goldcrest" cultivar of the Monterey cypress Cupressus macrocarpa, a tree that has a native range limited to the Monterey bay on the coast. Native to South Africa, the foliage of this warm climate plant is also lemon scented just like the flowers. Although, the flowers are very mildly fragrant and showy than bedding geraniums. The leaves are fan-shaped and look attractive because of the crinkled edges. The plant has shrubby and hairy foliage and can reach a height of around 2 feet. Attractive lemon scented foliage is soft to the touch. Leaves are golden when grown in full sun and lime green when grown in deep shade. Makes an ideal Xmas tree. Flowering Time. Flowering has been recorded in January, April, May, June, July, August, October and December. Corymbia citriodora is an important forest tree, in demand for structural timber and for honey production.It also is popular in horticulture both within Australia and overseas.

Aromatic Scent: Pine Long Leaf Essential Oil has a woody, turpentine - like, sweet resinous, fresh, pine evergreen scent. lemon- marjoram- pine- rosemary- tea tree. It is a wonderful oil to burn if there’s an epidemic around. It can treat colds, coughs and flu symptoms and help ease headaches, pain, sciatica, and sprains. We Recommend. Combine 10 drops of pine essential oil, 10 drops of lemon essential oil and 10 drops of grapefruit essential oil or 10 drops of pine essential oil with 20 drops of lemon to create a pine scent you can put in a small spray bottle and spray into the air as needed, set out in a bowl to diffuse in a room, apply lightly to different areas with a cotton ball or brush onto tree-shaped cardboard cutouts and hang.

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