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Feb 23, 2016 · The price of lesco fert at Home Depot is ridiculously high, you should call site one if there's a local branch otherwise you might be better off calling a local lawn service company and have them do your service. If you're set on doing it yourself, there has to be a much more reasonably priced fertilizer distributor around you than Home Depot. Customer questions and answers for LESCO LESCO 50 lbs. 24-0-11 No Phos Fertilizer This is an excellent general purpose fertilizer. The high potassium improves drought tolerance or heat and disease resistance. Includes the LESCO exclusive slow release formula which feeds lawns up to 12 weeks. The Next Level is Only a Bag Away. When it comes to your agronomics, you shouldn’t settle for just any bag. LESCO® delivers advanced technologies that are carefully formulated and rigorously tested, so you can trust they’ll meet or exceed expectations with every application. Mar 30, 2008 · I saw my local Home Depot is caring Lesco Fertilizer. The package is a little diffrent and is $5 cheaper a bag than at my Lesco dealer. Is this the same stuff you buy from a Lesco dealer or is it more of a home owner grade fertilizer. Any help appreciated. Aug 29, 2002 · LESCO has supplied products to Home Depot for the past 10 years and is currently supplying fertilizer, combination products and seed to more than 800 of its locations.

Jul 11, 2005 · It is just not the same type of balanced feeding that you get with a professional fertilizer. Now, this is refering to the Scotts for the homeowner market, like you buy at stores. Incidentally, the Lesco that you buy at the big box stores is not the same as the Lesco you get from the Lesco stores. It is custom blended just for Home Depot. LESCO® fertilizers offer leading formulations and a proven track record for healthy, long-term results. We’ve dedicated more than 50 years to studying and perfecting the science of growing turfgrass. Featuring these LESCO Technologies: LESCO NOS LESCO PolyPlus-Opti™ LESCO NOS Plus LESCO CarbonPro™ LESCO PolyPlus. Aug 07, 2014 · Where to Buy Lesco. Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by ChrisBC, Aug 7, 2014. ChrisBC LawnSite Member. I'm pretty sure the lesco fertilizers at home depot are probably the same ones sold at jdl. However, jdl does have a very good selection of fertilizers. LESCO® fertilizers offer leading formulations and a proven track record for healthy, long-term results. We’ve dedicated more than 50 years to studying and perfecting the science of growing turfgrass. Along the way, we’ve developed exclusive techniques to deliver turf that looks good and stands up.

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Lesco fertilizer is a brand of fertilizers and lawn care products that provide the highest quality ingredients in a slow release from to provide better nutrition for lawns. A beautiful and healthy lawn for your home or business begins with applying the right type of Lesco fertilizer. Lesco 081964, 15-5-10 25% PPSCU 2% FE Buy enough for one application only. All the numbers means is 15-5-10 ratio fertilizer, 25% slow release Poly Plus Sulfur Coated Urea, with 2% iron. Apply it when you see the Bermuda about 50 to 75 % greened up. Amazon Home Shop by Room Discover Shop by Style Home Décor Furniture Kitchen & Dining Bed & Bath Garden & Outdoor Home Improvement Patio, Lawn & Garden › Gardening & Lawn Care. Lesco 16-4-8 Profesional Fertilizer - 50 Lbs. Lesco Fertilizer Program For Homeowners. Home owners and anyone else that wants a great healthy lawn chooses a Lesco fertilizer program to assure that their lawn will be lush and healthy throughout the entire growing season. Fertilizers for vegetables, flowers, trees and shrubs are often known as plant food. They're available as liquids, granules or spikes. You'll find some for general use and others specially formulated for indoor plants, such as African violets and cacti, or outdoor plants, such.

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