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As a mass communications major, you’ll examine questions like these. You’ll analyze different forms of media, study the impact media has on our culture, and learn about media history and laws. You may also have a chance to test the waters by creating media projects of your own. Mass communication majors graduate with the knowledge and experience to combine creative and critical thinking to succeed in the rapidly-evolving media landscape, including traditional mediums like print and broadcast media as well as online new media platforms. Compliment another degree program with a mass communication minor. Major in Mass Communication Programs of the Major. The Mass Communication major consists of three tracks: Advertising,.Graduation Requirements. All major requirements must be completed with a grade equivalent.Bachelor of Arts Degree Option. Students may earn a Bachelor of Arts degree by. The most prevalent path for those earning a degree in Mass Communication can assume a standard two to four years to earn a degree. The most popular Mass Communication degree earned was a bachelor's degree and it also has the widest range of school possibilities as well. Aug 15, 2016 · The "bad" majors group is the exact opposite. These majors English, history, theater and journalism, to name a few are hopeless in the eyes of today's society. The worst of them all is the mass communications major. The following are reasons you should never, ever study mass communications. 1. There are just too many career possibilities.

For Bachelor of Arts degree the student must satisfy the following requirement: 6 hours of a required foreign language at the introductory level. 2 The Department of Communications does not accept Mathematical Reasoning for the Arts MA 111 to fulfill the general education mathematics requirement. If you major in mass communication, you'll be required to choose a concentration. Each available concentration is listed below. A Mass Communication major lays the groundwork for understanding the foundations and major principles of mass media and can lead to a mass media career and beyond. Students apply basic concepts learned in the major to any communication path they follow. A Mass Communication major will help you to develop the use of practical skills, as well as come away with an in-depth knowledge of the effects of the mass media on society.

Communications majors from University of Southern California receive an earnings boost of approximately 22.3% over the average earnings of communication & media studies majors. Los Angeles, California is an excellent surrounding for college. Bachelor of Arts B.A. Major in Mass Communication. Minimum required: 120 semester credit hours Admission Requirements. Any student admitted to Texas State may declare and be admitted to the program under a temporary status called pre-mass communication. Once a student has accumulated at least thirty credit hours and meets the requirements.

Why You Should Never Major In Mass Communications.

Mass Communication: Those interested in communications and international business are the target audience for the masters in global communications degree. This program weaves together concepts in cross-cultural communications, business, public diplomacy, global public relations, and more. Essential Information Master's degree programs in mass communications are offered in various forms by many schools, most commonly as Master of Arts in Mass Communications, Master of Science in Mass. Mass Communications including advertising, journalism and digital media print and digital, and public relations The study of journalism and mass communications provides students with the tools to function effectively in an information-sensitive society, both as creators and consumers of information.

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