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Identification and Description Miscanthus.

The botanical name originates from the Greek words:mischis pedicel and anthos flower, which refer to the stalked or pedicellate spikelets. Miscanthus sinensis has tall reed- or cane-like plants, usually 1-2 meters, or 4-7 feet, tall; leaf blades are usually broad, 30-60 cm long, 8-12 mm wide, and sometimes narrow, flat, and rolled in the bud. Ornamental Uses of Miscanthus Over 50 ornamental forms or cultivars of Miscanthus sinensis are sold in the U.S. nursery trade, including selections with green and yellow foliage and various flower colors. 'Silberfeder' Silverfeather and 'Variegatus' are shown above.

Flower panicles and foliage both retain good arching shape, beige color and ornamental interest throughout winter, with enhanced attractiveness often coming from a covering of new fallen snow. Miscanthus sinensis will spread somewhat invasively in the landscape, particularly in some of the milder areas of its growing range. Miscanthus sinensis 'Morning Light' Morning Light Maiden Grass.Introduction.Maiden grass is a gracefully arching, fine-textured grass that forms dense, green clumps. 'Morning Light' has a white band along each margin. Slender leaves originate in a clump, spreading out and up like a fountain.

Cultivars include 'Condensatus', coarser leaf texture than species, mid-summer bloom, 7 to 8 feet tall; 'Gracillimus', narrower leaves than species, fall bloom, upright growth habit from 5 to 8 feet tall; 'Purpurescens', reddish foliage in summer, purple-red foliage in fall, silver-pink inflorescence, mid-summer bloom, 4 to 5 feet tall; 'Silver Feather', silvery white flowers in mid-summer; 'Strictus',. Miscanthus Purpurascens - Common name:Flame Grass, Maiden Grass, Eulalia - Spectacular fall color and cold hardiness make this Miscanthus stand out. Foliage shows maroon wash turning reddish orange in fall - contrasting nicely with the feathery white plumes. Reddish-tinged flowers appear on tassel-like plumes above the foliage in late summer and in fall gradually become creamy white. Plants form an upright clump of dark-green leaves, turning flame-orange and bronze in the autumn, particularly in warm regions. Tall spikes of very soft-pink flowers develop into silvery plumes that stay effective all winter long. Appreciates moist soil. Clumps may be easily divided in early spring. One of the most useful of the taller grasses, valued for its flower and foliage effect. Plants form an upright clump of dark-green leaves, turning flame-orange and bronze in the autumn, particularly in warm regions.

Miscanthus x giganteus Hoffman Nursery.

FPS405/FP405Miscanthus sinensis Maiden Grass.

Giant Miscanthus is substantial both in size and in good looks. It grows in a 10-foot, arching shape with deep green, wide leaves. In September, fluffy, fan-like plumes emerge above the foliage bringing the height to 12 feet. Foliage turns a deep burnt orange and fades to tan as winter approaches offering a. Cosmopolitan Miscanthus sinensis var. condensatus Also called Maiden Grass, this type of grass has variegated foliage consisting of green blades and creamy white margins. It grows up to eight feet high and can get as wide as five feet and as it matures, it turns into a more silver color that is quite striking. The genus name, Miscanthus is derived from two Greek words, mischos "stalk" and anthos "flower". The specific epithet, sinensis, means "of China." Finally, 'Gracillimus,' the cultivar name, means "very graceful." In addition to maiden grass, another common name for Miscanthus sinensis 'Gracillimus' is. The large Miscanthus varieties work well in the back of a border, or even as single specimens. Because most grasses are sited in the middle or back of a border and are cut back in early spring, we like to plant spring-flowering bulbs around them for color early in the year. Miscanthus sinensis 'Gracillimus' Gracillimus Maiden Grass. A warm season grass with fine textured foliage and a rounded overall form. Golden yellow fall color, copper-red flower 6'-8'. Flower Color • Red. Flower Hue • Medium. Flower Height • 6' to 8' Flower Type • Panicle. Foliage Color • Green. Leaf Texture • Fine. Divide.

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