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Perkins Diesel Engine Oil DEO 15W-40 is a customised formulation of 12 additives and three base oils for all-round performance and protection. This oil – unique to Perkins – has been designed specifically to meet the needs of hard working off-road diesel engines. Perkins introduces the world’s first low cost engine level telematics device which works on both mechanical and electronic engines. The Perkins® SmartCap is a replacement oil filler cap which monitors your engine and sends data direct to the free Perkins® My Engine App on your smartphone. Feb 29, 2016 · Perkins® Diesel Engine Oil is unique. It has been designed specifically to meet the needs of off-highway Perkins diesel engines. Whilst other oils are formulated to meet the minimum specification. Perkins Engine Oil Recommendation [ View Follow Ups] [ Post Followup] [ Return to Forum] Posted by Bill on November 24, 2002 at 06:09:26 from I have an MF50 with an A3-152 diesel engine. I am getting ready to change the oil and at first thought, I'd.

Mar 17, 2009 · I have a loader with an old Perkins Diesel engine. Can someone give me a rough idea how much motor oil I need for an oil and filter change. The Diesel Talk Perkins forum has discussions on all aspects of Perkins engines. Browse existing topics or start a new topic. Main article: Perkins In this List of Perkins engines, family type refers to the two letter designation Perkins gives each engine. This nomenclature was introduced in 1978 under Perkins' new engine numbering scheme, where the family type is encoded in each unique serial number. Engines that went out of production prior to 1978 may have been retroactively assigned a family type to expedite. Over the years Perkins has produced hundreds of different engines and each can have many different variants. So how do you know the exact specification of your engine? All the information you need about your engine is included in the serial number on your engine plate, which you can use to find the find the parts to fit on your engine. Specifications for Perkins 4.236 Engines by Tim McQuade. The Perkins 4.236 is a heavy-duty, four-liter engine. Information about the engine can be drawn from the name itself. The "4" in the engine title refers to the number of cylinders, and the lack of a "V" describes a straight four layout. Also available is a transmission line and oil.

Perkins Diesel Engine Oil DEO, liquid coolant, cleaning and conditioning fluid are all designed for your engine. Shop here for Perkins genuine parts online, brought to you direct from our ecommerce store. With thousands of parts in stock online and available for next day delivery, you can now service, repair or overhaul your Perkins engine with the confidence you are using parts trusted by over 5 million machine owners worldwide.

It’s vital to have the right oil filter, as well as the correct engine oil so that your diesel engine is running as smoothly before, as after the service. Using a genuine Perkins oil filter will ensure you have a long, reliable engine life. The engine serial number is on a metal plate, typically found on the left- hand side of the block. What do I need to enter? Copy the full 15 or more digits as printed on the engine, excluding any spaces. The minimum search requirement is the build list, typically 2 to 4 letters followed by 4 or 5 numbers. Mar 05, 2011 · What is the correct oil to use in my Perkins 4108 Diesel engines on my boat ? Engines 1982 and about 1000 hours. Answer Save. 6 Answers. Relevance. Anonymous. i have seen them running fine with oil that old and dirty that it was more like Molasses than engine oil. get a gallon of flushing oil and run it on that for a couple of hours at.

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