Philodendron Rojo Congo Light //

Philodendron Rojo Congois from a family of tropical plants native to South America and hybridized in the US. A patented plant, this beauty is a fast grower and extremely disease-resistant. Known for its huge foliage and bright new growth, these plants will surely make a statement in your home or workspace. Unlike other philodendron plants, Congo Rojo doesn’t have a vining habit but instead spans upward and out. It does well in bright indirect light with consistently moist, well-drained soil.

Philodendron is an adaptable houseplant, thriving in bright, indirect light and temperatures of 60°F and above. Water when the top 1" of the potting mix is dry to the touch and fertilize monthly with a water-soluble fertilizer 20-20-20 mixed at ½ the recommended strength. This plant is relatively durable and it can thrive in many different conditions but it is more suited to bright light but not direct sun. It can, however, cope with low light. Philodendron 'Rojo Congo': Is it Congo Rojo, or Rojo Congo? who cares, the point is rojo. This plant with it's huge amber and green foliage and bright red stems is one of our most popular plants. Farm Life grows this plant in a 10 in. pot with a height around 30 inches. Philodendron ‘Rojo Congo’ Botanical Name: Philodendron ‘Rojo Congo’ Common Name: Origin: Height: 3’ Light: Filtered. Water: Keep moist. Bloom: Inconspicuous. Comments:Self heading, dark green leaves with burgundy cast and red petioles.

Philodendron 'Rojo Congo' - Quite a large leafed philodendron with a slow climbing habit. New emerging leaves tend to be bright red, almost copper coloured, maturing to a. Philodendron 'Rojo Congo' DESCRIPTION: Big leafy plant with glossy heart shaped leaves. The stems are a rich red-brown and the dark green leaves have a copper tone to them. USE IN: Plant as a border in tropical style gardens and shaded underplanting.Perfect indoors in pots PLANTING: Prefers a sheltered position, avoid direct sunlight.Mulch and water regularly until the plant is established. Erwinia Blight. Erwinia blight, the most common philodendron disease, can prove fatal in a few days. Erwinia attacks at or below the soil line. Water-soaked lesions appear on the stems; if a plant. Black patches on the philodendron's leaves indicate that the plant has been exposed to temperatures that are too low. While this may have been the result of abnormal temperatures for the season in your area, if you find it to be a regular occurrence, then you should consider plants other than philodendrons in the future, or look for a variety of philodendron that can survive in lower. Philodendron is a classic, and practically no-fail houseplant because it's so easy to grow. Happily, this makes it a pretty common indoor plant to find at your local garden center. The philodendron family is a pretty big one, too -- so you can find a variety of plants that grow in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Symptoms of a Cat Eating Philodendron. by Naomi Millburn. Keep a safe distance between your kitty and any philodendrons. A tranquil, well-maintained houseplant can seem like the most innocuous thing in the whole world, and often that truly is the case. When it comes to the combination of wide-eyed kitties and potentially poisonous plants. The Philodendron Rojo Congo can be identified by the bright red colour of young foliage. As the plant ages, the lance shape leafs turn a deeper darker green while the leaf stems retain their deep Auburn hue. If you would like to add colour and shape to your home then Philodendron Rojo Congo is well worth a look. As this naturally a shade loving plant it grows well indoors and in warmer climates makes great garden plant as well. This is large leafed Philodendron with amazing new copper/red foliage, red.

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