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The J1 Physician Network is a dedicated physician recruiter and placement firm that matches the needs of the foreign medical graduates FMG currently on a J1. J-1 Visa Waiver Program. Federal law requires that foreign physicians seeking to pursue graduate education or training in the United States must obtain a J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa. Upon completion of their studies, the physicians must return to their home country for at least two years before they can return to the U.S. Physicians who are. J-1 Waiver – IGA for Physicians. Applicants eligible for the J-1 waiver IGA for Physicians are required to be foreign medical graduates who are willing to be employed in a medically underserved area. J-1 IGA Waivers are the second most common sought after waivers. The J-1 visa continues to be the source of many problems for foreign physicians attempting to permanently relocate to the United States. On the surface, the J-1 visa is an attractive visa because it is easy to obtain and the physician’s spouse is granted work authorization. Begin employment at your healthcare facility within 90 days of receiving your waiver. J-1 physicians must get sponsorship from a state health department and complete the U.S. Department of State form DS-3035, J-1 Visa Waiver Review Application in order to actually apply for this waiver.

In return, the physician must agree to work for the sponsoring healthcare organization for three years. Along with the J-1 waiver, the physician will need to receive an H-1B visa, which authorizes them to work in the United States. It sounds complicated — and it is. Due to the difficulties some areas experience recruiting and retaining physicians, many communities turn to international medical graduates and J–1 Visa Waivers to fill their physician vacancies. The Minnesota Department of Health's Office of Rural Health and Primary Care developed this guide to the J–1 Review and Recommendation Process. Foreign Physicians Helping Underserved Areas. The Primary Care Office PCO helps coordinate the placement of foreign physicians in underserved areas of the state through the Physician Visa Waiver Program. This program is also known as the "Conrad Program" or the "J-1 Visa Waiver Program". J-1 Visa Waiver Program. The South Dakota Department of Health is committed to assuring that all South Dakotans have access to quality, affordable health care. The state has established the J-1 Visa Waiver Program to help rural communities recruit foreign or international medical graduate physicians.

What is the Texas Conrad 30 J-1 Visa Waiver Program? The Texas Conrad 30 J-1 Visa Waiver Program administers the Conrad 30 Waiver Program for Texas. The Conrad 30 Waiver Program allows each state’s department of health to recommend up to 30 international medical graduates IMGs each year for a waiver of the J-1 visa requirement to return to the IMG’s home country for two years. J-1 visa holders, and their dependents, who’re subject to INA §212e are required to return to their home country for two years, or must obtain a “J-1 waiver” before they can change or adjust their status. Veterans Administration J1 Waivers for Physicians. The Department of Veterans Affairs VA is authorized to request waiver of the two-year home residency requirements for J1 foreign medical graduates FMG when a VA facility can demonstrate overwhelming need. The purpose of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Conrad 30 Waiver Program is to increase access by sponsoring J-1 Physicians who agree to serve in medically underserved areas of the Commonwealth to waive the “two-year home country physical presence requirement,” which would otherwise be required.

J-1 Waivers for Foreign Physicians - Leibl and Kirkwood PC.

For the J-1 physician who wishes to begin practicing medicine in the U.S. immediately after completing his or her residency or fellowship, the two-year foreign residency requirement imposed by the J-1 visa is obviously a significant drawback. Fortunately, there are ways of obtaining a waiver of this requirement J-1 waiver.

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