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Downy mildew is caused by a fungus that usually shows up on pumpkins in late August or September. Downy mildew causes yellow spots on leaves that can coalesce and turn brown as the fungus grows and takes over more of the plant. You may see fuzzy spores on the undersides of leaves. When growing pumpkins Cucurbita maxima varieties in the home garden, the sight of yellowing leaves can jar gardeners used to enjoying sprawling green foliage and deep orange fruit on these annual vines. Yellowing leaves signal something amiss with your pumpkin crop, and can be caused by several different factors. Unfavorable growing conditions may also cause pumpkins to turn yellow and die off. Lack of water causes leaves to wilt and droop. Plant growth slows and developing fruit may wither, turn yellow and die.

Yellow circles appeared on the leaves of the pumpkin. Proper care, nearby on plants there are no such signs. Tell me how to solve the problem and how to prevent re-occurrence. Answers: Judging by the photo, the pumpkin is struck by a yellow mosaic it is often. Aug 12, 2010 · overwatering can cause leaves to turn yellow. so can poor soil; pumpkins are heavy feeders and they love compost. as for powdery mildew, it starts off looking powdery and white. Jul 14, 2000 · Pumpkin Leaves Turn Yellow, Brown Then Die. - Knowledgebase Question. Lawns. Niskayuna, NY. Question by agjohnson July 14, 2000. My pumpkin plant looked great then the leaves, one at a time, turn yellow and then the edges become brown looking almost like they were burned and the brown creeps up the leaf until the whole leaf is brown.

Start applying disease control sprays early and before disease occurs. If your pumpkin patch is already infested, apply it right away. If caught soon enough, the plants should recover. Although affected leaves will not look any better. Plant disease can occur ron the top and bottom of leaves. Leaf spots are uncommon on pumpkin. Occasional marginal necrosis and large, wedge-shaped necrotic areas. Yellow haloes may occur. Older spots are often dry and cracked. Spots and streaks on stems, sometimes with gummy exudate. Pycnidia on leaves and stems. Fruit rot phase called black rot. Localized occurrence in region. Overwatering or underwatering are the most common culprits when a plant's leaves turn yellow. With potted plants, it is crucial that you only water as much as the plant needs. If you have a plant with yellow leaves, check the soil in the pot. Cucurbit plants rarely become infected in the seedling stage. When this happens, the cotyledons may turn yellow and wilt. New leaves are slightly mottled a yellowish green, remain small, wrinkled, and distorted. Plants infected in the seedling stage remain dwarfed. A lack of sufficient nitrogen causes pumpkin leaves to lose their colour and begin turning yellow, often beginning along the edges. Although pumpkins do not need a large amount of nitrogen, and too much can actually result in less fruit on the vine, they do require some nitrogen to grow and bear fruit.

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