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Red thread, caused by the fungus Laetisaria fuciformis, is a disease that can plague several different turfgrass species. This disease, which appears as circular patches of pink or tan turf. the name implies, red thread disease causes a reddish fungus to emerge on your lawn. The first visible symptom is irregular patches of bleached dead grass, usually seen during the summer months. In humid weather the disease becomes more evident to the eye as thread-like strands or webs of coral pink to blood red hyphae grow.

Red thread occurs more frequently in undernourished turf. When you mow, use a grass catcher and dispose of the grass tips with the fungus. Red Thread, Fusarium and Rust are all common, yet can all be treated professionally. If you are seeing irregular patterns of dead grass or any unusual-looking growths in the sward of the lawn, then the cause maybe a fungal disease attacking the grass in which case a. Apr 15, 2019 · Getting rid of thatch and dense clumps of dirt can help remove red thread spores. Lush Lawn’s Red Thread Disease Treatment. Lush Lawn has extensive experience dealing with red thread disease, red thread fungus and all other fungal infections and takes every precaution available to keep your yard healthy. Red Thread Treatment: We recommend an IPM integrated pest management approach – tackling the problem with a combination of methods: Aeration will help greatly to reduce compaction – either spiking or hollow-tining, early season or autumn. How To Treat Red Thread Lawn Disease. It is important to maintain an adequate nitrogen fertility program to lessen the effects of Red Thread. Fertilization after an outbreak of Red Thread will help the turf to “grow out” of the effects of the disease activity.

Where disease is severe, fungicide applications may be necessary. Although Red Thread is not often a problem on lawns, if it does become troublesome, a a spring or fall fungicide application may be used to manage this disease. For homeowners in New York, several fungicides may be registered to aid in disease management. For a list of some products. Red thread is mostly unsightly, and not a lawn-health problem, so treatment is not always necessary. The disease can often be eradicated through regular lawn maintenance. When red thread becomes too visible, or you desire its immediate removal, fungicides have proven to have a high success rate. Jun 25, 2008 · Use the fungicide in the liquid form at the highest rate allowed on the label. Remember that over a period of time the fungus may become resistant to it. Rotate fungicides. Rotate to a different type. Scotts fertillizer is Ok. But you need more for a red thread program--use it more often. Jun 06, 2012 · Treatment – Good news!!! Red Thread is a disease that does not need a fungicide in order to be corrected. Red thread is largely cosmetic and your turf will recover. This disease shows up in lawns during the spring and early summer due to weather conditions.

Fungicide Lawn Treatment for Red Thread - The Lawn Man.

But when red thread becomes too pronounced or you are looking for a more immediate treatment, fungicides may be used and have a high success rate. Need Help with Red Thread? Call Green Lawn Fertilizing today at 888-581-5296 and let's talk about how we can help you with Red Thread. When conditions are right for development, management of red thread is limited to checking and correcting any nutritional deficiencies or direct treatment with a fungicide material. Lawn treatments with fungicides are usually effective, and one or two maintenance applications in the spring and again in the fall are adequate in most situations. Many types of fungus, such as red thread fungus, are drawn to nutrient-deficient lawns. The fungus thrives in poor soil conditions while the grass, weakened by poor nutrient levels, isn't healthy enough to resist the disease.

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