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Safed Musli Root – Earth Root.

Jan 18, 2016 · Introduction of Safed Musli Cultivation:- Safed Musli Chlorophytum borivilianum L. is a medicinal tuberous root herbal plant, with small, usually white flowers, produced on sparse panicles up to 120 cm long. Basically this plant is found in forest areas. This plant has excellent ayurvedic properties. Safed musli is originally found in forest areas in natural form. It is a herb with sub erect lanceolate leaves. It flowers in the month of August and early September. The flowers are white in color. The leaves are dried in the month of Dec./Jan. Aug 08, 2014 · Chlorophytum borivilianum Safed Musli root extract prevents impairment in characteristics and elevation of oxidative stress in sperm of streptozotocin-induced adult male diabetic Wistar rats Nelli Giribabu, Kilari Eswar Kumar, Somesula Swapna.

Details & Specifications of Indian Ayurvedic Safed Musli Chlorphytum Borivillianum Root. Safed Musli is used to cure physical illness and weakness, as an aphrodisiac agent and revitalizer, as general sex tonic, remedy for diabetes, arthritis and increasing body immunity, curative for natal and postnatal problems, for rheumatism and jointpains, increase lactation in feeding mothers, as. Safed Mushli is useful in general debility, weakness & loss of immunity.It is especially given to male for their sexuel weakness and weak immunity Safed Musli Root Powder. Other Uses of Safed Musli Powder It can be entitled the best friend of men’s health.The dried roots of Safed Musli or safed musli powder is used for pre-natal and post-natal complaint.The tuber roots of the plant have been used ever since ancient times,.It has antioxidant enzymes and vitamin. The tuber root of Safed musli are beneficial in treatment of infection. The roots contain asparagin. One of the sapogenins, isolated from the root, was identified as stigmasterol, which is known to reduce inflammation. The protein content is significantly high in the roots, which strengthens the body. Uses & Benefits of Safed Musli Safed musli is a very popular aphrodisiac agent, with no side effects.It is also regarded as an energy booster in asthmatic conditions.The tuber roots of the plant have been used since ancient times,.Safed musli proves useful as a nutritive tonic for both the.

Oct 06, 2016 · Safed Musli is a traditional medicinal plant. Its tubers roots are used in ayurvedic medicines. Roots are used for the preparation of nutritive tonic used in general sexual weakness. There is a vast demand of Safed Musli all over the world. Safed musli powder may support as a revitalizer, strength and vitality. Safed Musli powder is made from roots of Chlorophytum borivilianum. It has adaptogenic, revitalising, aphrodisiac, erectogenic, immuno-modulatory & antioxidant properties. Chlorophytum borivilianum CB or Shweta Mushalee, popularly known as Safed Musli is an important herb in the Ayurvedic Materia Medica. The root tuber of this small, annual herb is used for its versatile Shukrala beneficial effect on male sexual health, Rasayana adaptogenic activity, and Balya general health tonic properties. The powdered root of safed musli is taken in a number of ways on the subcontinent and in India it is one of the ingredients available for paan. It is also often fried in ghee clarified butter and chewed to relieve sore throats and mouth ulcers primarily, but of course is ingested and so helps with sexual vigor.

Safed Musli Root Powder - Ramdev.

The demand for dried Safed Musli roots is 500 tones in India. Because Safed Musli is very popular for its medicinal property, it is famous as Divya aushadhi and ayurvedic plant as well. The roots of it can be helpful for the preparation of nutritive tonic is beneficial in general sexual weakness. The roots contain some chemical content as well. Safed Musli a root used for Treatment exported by us. As we purchase directly from farmers and do cleaning & grading in our premises, so avoiding all mediators we.

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