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Nov 10, 2015 · If your baby is 6 months or older, he or she should get an annual flu vaccine. Here are 6 reasons why the flu vaccine is a smart choice. It's safe. The flu vaccine is reformulated every year, based on the type of viruses scientists predict will be the most common for the upcoming season. The vaccine will not give your baby the flu. Babies with an allergy to eggs which provide an ingredient. Sep 21, 2019 · Depending on your child's age and health, you might be able to choose between a flu shot and the nasal spray flu vaccine: Flu shot. Flu shots can be given to children 6 months and older. Side effects might include soreness where the shot was given. A fever, muscle pain and feelings of weakness also can occur. Nasal spray. The nasal spray flu vaccine can be given to healthy children. Wondering if flu shots are safe for baby? If your child is at least 6 months old, the government’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices ACIP says yes. Children 6 months to 5 years old are in the high risk category for flu complications, so immunization could literally be a life-saver.

If you will be pregnant during this cold and flu season, you might wonder whether it’s a good idea to get the flu shot. The CDC recommends it, especially because it can help protect your baby for the first few months of life when they are too young to get the vaccine themselves. You can get the flu vaccine at any time during your pregnancy. Nov 12, 2018 · Help! If I Refuse to Get a Flu Shot, I Won’t Be Allowed to See My New Grandkid. Either you can refuse to get the vaccine and then see the baby once he or she is old enough to get a vaccine. Jan 22, 2018 · Do your best, but don’t stress too much about it: Though in an ideal world, everyone would be fully vaccinated before they even breathed in the vicinity of your baby, the truth is that as long as you got your flu shot and TDaP when you were pregnant, your baby will also have good protection, says Munoz she adds that if you breast-feed, you continue to protect your baby by passing on. Sep 05, 2019 · Children with an egg allergy can get a flu vaccine without any precautions beyond those needed for any vaccine, according to the AAP. If your child isn't feeling well or has a fever, talk to his healthcare provider to determine if he should wait until he feels better before getting vaccinated. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children ages 6 months and older should get the flu shot, and that the nasal spray vaccine FluMist should only be used as a last resort.

Then anyone who is going to be around your baby should have had a flu shot. And for the purposes of keeping a newborn safe from the flu, you can assume that flu season extends from September through May, or anytime that flu shots are still available. Oct 18, 2018 · My husband and I are expecting our first child in January. We’re very excited! We want to protect him during the height of flu season, so I asked our parents and siblings to get flu shots.

Oct 21, 2019 · Flu shots have been given to millions of pregnant women over many years with a good safety record. There is a lot of evidence that flu vaccines can be given safely during pregnancy. CDC and ACIP recommend that pregnant women get vaccinated during any trimester of their pregnancy. It is very important for pregnant women to get the flu shot. It’s safe to get a flu shot at any time during pregnancy. Getting the flu vaccine while pregnant protects both you and your baby. For best protection, get the flu shot annually by the end of October. I get it, but I do think she's being overbearing. I have asked family members to get their flu vaccines since the doctor told me it would be a good idea with the baby being too young to get one himself. But that's it - I just ASKED, not demanded. Actually, my husband's Aunt watches my kids. I asked her to get her flu shot, and she never did. Do NOT Let Your Child Get Flu Vaccine -- 9 Reasons Why. 0; October 06, 2009. Health officials everywhere are now recommending each man, woman and child get as many as four flu shots this season; two doses for the swine flu, and one or two doses for the seasonal flu, depending on whether you’ve ever had a flu shot before.

Help! If I Refuse to Get a Flu Shot, I Won’t Be Allowed to.

soreness or swelling where the shot was given. To help with discomfort from these side efects, put a cool, wet. Vaccines When Your Child is Sick - Information for Parents. illness, and vaccine, illness and immunization, sick child, sick baby, immune system, antibiotic and vaccine, antiviral and vaccine, medical condition and vaccine. One of the best ways to prevent the flu from coming to your home is to get a flu shot. However, if you are pregnant or parenting a little one, you might wonder when exactly you should be scheduling your family’s flu shots. It turns out that the answer is sooner than you might think. Should I get the shot or nasal spray for my child this year? Both the AAP and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC want as many children as possible to get a flu vaccine. A Flu Vaccine is the Best Protection Against Flu. Getting an influenza flu vaccine is the first and most important step in protecting against flu. Pregnant women should get a flu shot and not the nasal spray flu vaccine. Flu shots given during pregnancy help protect both the mother and her baby from flu. Making sure that your child gets the flu vaccine is the best way to keep him or her from getting sick with the flu. And we adults should get the flu vaccine for our own health and to keep from spreading the flu to those around us. Let’s all do our part to protect our children.

What Shots Do You Need to Be Around a Newborn? - VAXOPEDIA.

These points underscore why doctors believe flu shots are so important! Flu Shot for Babies. Flu shots are recommended for kids 6-months or older, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Babies and toddlers getting it for the first time need two doses with 4 weeks in between. Unfortunately, there are many risks to a new baby that aren’t vaccine preventable. Just because everyone is vaccinated and protected, that doesn’t mean that you should have a party welcoming your baby home and invite everyone in the neighborhood. Besides the flu, we get concerned about other cold and flu-like viruses, especially RSV. To make sure you don’t put your grandchildren at risk, check with your doctor about how long you should wait to see the young ones after you get your vaccine. If you notice any flu symptoms, you.

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