Silan Date Syrup //

GALILEE'S DELICACY Date Syrup Natural.

Majestic Date 100% Sugar Free Natural Date Syrup Also Called Silan Sylan Seelan Convenient Squeeze Bottle, 14 oz. Silan Date Syrup - An authentic taste of the Middle East Galilee’s Delicacy’s Silan Date Honey is one of the oldest food products of the Middle East. Although it has been in use for thousands of years, it is regarded as a new and modern addition to the Israeli kitchen that is great for cooking and baking. Silan Date Syrup also makes a lovely addition to cocktails—Silan Old Fashioned, anyone? About the producer Soom Foods is a Philadelphia-based, all-women-owned company that was founded by three sisters—Shelby, Jackie and Amy—in the pursuit of truly transcendent tahini. Silan" Dates Syrup Squeeze Bottle" Silan source is in Iraq and it was brought to Israel by Jewish immigrants from Iraq in the late forties. It is prepared by slow cooking of dates and filtering. Liquid texture and delicate taste sweeter than honey. Silan, unlike other sweeteners, is unique in that it contains a considerable amount of dietary fiber.

Galil Date Syrup- Silan LiOR Date Syrup is a delicious & healthy topping to breakfast and dessert treats. It is packed with natural energy and no added sugar, made with just one ingredient: 100% Organic Dates. Ingredients: Dates 48%, water, sugar, glucose syrup, Acidcitric acid. Kinneret Farm - Silan - Fresh Selected Dates Syrup has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 6 reviews. Collections.

Date syrup, also known as date palm syrup, date honey and silan, has been gaining popularity as an alternative sweetener that can be used much in the same way as maple syrup or honey, that is, in desserts, baking and drizzled on pancakes. Apr 01, 2015 · If you’re weaning off sugar, you may have encountered date syrup. It’s thick, dark brown and super-sweet, and it’s commonly used for cooking in the Middle East, to add flavour to everything from chicken dishes to desserts. While date syrup can often be used successfully to replace some or all of the sugar in a specific recipe, especially if the recipe calls for brown sugar, getting the substitution ratio right for any given recipe may take some practice. As general rule, you can substitute date syrup for sugar by using 1 1/3 cups. Nov 10, 2014 · Silan: Date honey, a boiled down date and honey mash. It can be used anywhere regular honey or maple syrup is used and is a staple in Mediterranean cooking. Date sugar: Made from dried dates that have been finely ground, date sugar looks like brown sugar, but it doesn’t melt like sugar. It can give foods a different texture and isn’t. Place date juice and ½ cup fresh water in a medium pot. Starting over medium heat, bring to a good simmer; reduce heat as needed to keep liquid at a simmer. Cook, stirring occasionally, until reduced by more than half to a deep brown rich-tasting syrup the consistency of honey, about 1 hour, stirring more frequently to prevent scorching as the syrup thickens.

Date syrup uses are any recipes that call for no refined sugar and cakes like a quinoa chocolate cake. Benefits of date syrup are it contains fibre, inexpensive to make, high in antioxidants and is an excellent natural sweetener. Free 2-day shipping. Buy Silan Date Syrup, 14.1 Oz at. Date Syrup Silan Date syrup, called silan in Israel, is an excellent and versatile natural sugar. It can be used in just about the same way as honey or molasses. The leftover solids can be used as a fruit paste. Almost every African and south Asian mom has her recipe for it.

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