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Smallville and Batman Begins/Dark Knight crossover fanfiction archive with over 90 stories. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Smallville and Batman Begins/Dark Knight universe. Bruce Wayne and CLark Kent are in a relationship, and Bruce puts his life in danger one to many times. Warning - Spanking of adult. Sep 01, 2019 · Tom Welling Wanted Bruce Wayne on Smallville. Recently, the star of Smallville appeared at Fan Expo Canada, and it was there he spoke with fans about his days as Clark Kent. A young man named Clark Kent, who was a hero wannabe,. It is unknown if this Bruce Wayne is supposed to be Smallville's version of the Joker. Unlike most other alternate universe characters seen in seasons 10 and 11, Bruce is allowed to live and remain on Earth-1. Mm, Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent. Ah, I love it! I love bringing people together!" Of course this was the total opposite of what he wanted to do. "How are we?" Lex said. Lex overcompensated with a big smile as he realized he just made a huge mistake. He never met Clark Kent before. Clark simply lacked that fame that would earn him instant recognition.

Aug 31, 2014 · Adventure 275 – Superboy meets young Bruce Wayne. He recalls his meeting with Robin, and then who should show up to start school in Smallville but young Bruce Wayne?. so much so that even though he proves Superboy is really Clark Kent, he reveals this only to Clark, keeping Lana in the dark. Superboy, in turn, shows Bruce the time. This article describes various allusions in the American television series Smallville to DC Comics character Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne. Although Batman never appeared on the television series, there were several references to the character and his universe. The notes on this page are generated by viewers and comics fans, but not necessarily verified by the show's producers or writers. All that is known is that Bruce would have met Clark after he came to town for a WayneCorp-sponsored conference of high school journalists; Bruce would dismiss Clark at first as a nice kid from the sticks, before realizing that something is odd about this farm boy. Fanfic Cally!verse by Sorrel Animated/Smallville, hints of future Clark/Lex, Clark/Chloe Teen Paint By Numbers by Sorrel Smallville, Clark, Lex T Both Alike in Dignity by Mithen Movieverse AU, Clark/Bruce PG Skin Deap by RivkaT Smallville, Clark/Lex NC-17 A Practical Woman by Medie Animated, Clark, Bruce PG You Swear, Happy Birthday Mr. Batman & Later by Medie Movieverse, Clark. Tags. No Archive Warnings Apply; Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne; Clark Kent; Bruce Wayne; Alfred Pennyworth; Fluff; Humor; Misunderstandings; Romance; Summary. When Dick Grayson runs off with Roy Harper, Bruce Wayne is horrified--because he knows Clark Kent is on his way to the Manor to tell Bruce he's in love with Dick!

When Adam Knight first appeared, there was internet speculation he was actually the Smallville version of Bruce Wayne, based on the combination of the name of one of the actors to portray the character, Adam West, and one of Batman’s nicknames, "Dark Knight", as well as the obvious details of his status as an orphan and his skills in such. As a child, Bruce Wayne murdered his parents. As an adult, Bruce Wayne became a serial killer in clown make-up. Among his victim were Barbara Gordon. However, a man named Clark Kent uncovered Bruce's activities and informed the police. Bruce set out to kill Clark for revenge and followed him through a portal to Earth-One, while Earth-Thirteen was destroyed by the Monitors. After arriving.

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