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Left-eye of a 49year-old myopic aphakic woman with snail track degeneration and retinal detachment. The snail track degeneration is present in a continuous, 360-degree band between the black arrows. The macula is detached along with the inferotemporal,. SNAIL-TRACK DEGENERATION - This area of white is on the retina in the far periphery. It can only be seen when the eye is dilated. This occurs often as an inherited trait in. SNAIL-TRACK DEGENERATION - This area of white is on the retina in the far periphery. It can only be seen when the eye is dilated. 1. Am J Ophthalmol. 1972 Mar;733:370-6. Snail track degeneration of the retina. Aaberg TM, Stevens TR. PMID: 4552079 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]. Oct 31, 2017 · Snail-track retinal degeneration disorderSynonym for Lattice degeneration of retina, unspecified eye.H00-H59 Diseases of the eye and adnexa H00-H59H30-H36 Disorders of choroid and retina H30-H36H35 Other retinal disordersH35.4 Peripheral retinal degenerationH35.41 Lattice degeneration of retina. SNAILTRACK LATTICE DEGENERATION

SNAIL-TRACK DEGENERATION.This area of white is on the retina in the far periphery. It can only be seen when the eye is dilated. This occurs often as an inherited trait in near-sighted people. People that have this are more susceptible to developing retinal holes and detachments. This picture is of a young patient with the condition. Introduction: Snail track degeneration Description of Snail track degeneration Snail track degeneration: Related Topics. These medical condition or symptom topics may be relevant to medical information for Snail track degeneration: Snail; Degeneration; Line; White 69 causes White disease; Peripheral; Retina; Retina symptoms 307 causes.

SNOMED CT Browser UK SNOMED CT Clinical Edition NHS Data Migration October 2018. Concept Search;. - Snail-track retinal degeneration - Snail-track retinal degeneration disorder Hide descriptions. Concept ID: 232001007 Read Codes: X00cv ICD-10 Codes: H354 H333 Powered by X-Lab. This tool allows you to search SNOMED CT and is designed for. Snail-track degeneration, as well as lattice degeneration, is characterized by retinal thinning with vitreous liquefaction lacuna right above the lesion, and vitreoretinal tractions. According to published data, retinal tears commonly appear in the inferotemporal quadrant – 54 %, less frequently in the superotemporal – 18 %, superonasal – 16 %, and inferonasal quadrants −12 % [ 4 ]. Retinal Detachment and Related Peripheral Vitreoretinal Disease describes appropriate examination and treatment procedures to reduce the risk of potential loss of vision from peripheral retinal problems. It contains recommendations for timely diagnosis, treatment, and, when necessary, referral for consultation with or treatment by another health. Degenerations predisposing to retinal detachement Lattice degeneration Snail-track degeneration White without pressure degenerative retinoschisis tractional tufts Degenerations not predisposing to retinal detachement paving stone degeneration microcystoid degeneration snow flake degeneration drusen honeycomb/reticular degeneration oral. different types of peripheral retinal degenerations in high myopia, lattice degeneration is the most important peripheral retinal degeneration, which can predispose to rhegmatogenous retinal detachment. This is because retinal tears can develop at the posterior and lateral margins of the lattice degeneration.

H35.419 Snail-track retinal degeneration disorder.

Snail-track degeneration is characterized by retinal thinning, vitreous liquefaction above the lesion, and vitreoretinal tractions, that often cause retinal tears.

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