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Bruce Wayne is the father of Ian Wayne and the superhero Batman. As the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne was introduced to the Project PolarShield, which could prevent an oncoming ecological disaster. He decided to provide drones to help the project, however, it wasn't enough. Alan Wayne is Bruce Wayne's great-great-grandfather and first born generation in Gotham. Alan is also one of the men responsible for the shaping and construction of Gotham City. The son of Solomon Wayne, Alan Wayne was living in Gotham town since his. Bruce Wayne was born a child of wealth and privilege to Thomas and Martha Wayne of Gotham City. As the Waynes' only son, Bruce was the sole heir to the family fortune as well as his father's business Wayne Industries. When Bruce was a young boy, his parents were brutally gunned down by a mugger, leaving Bruce an orphan.

Son of Batman is a DC universe direct-to-video original animated movie inspired by comic book writer Grant Morrison and artist Andy Kubert's Batman and Son.It is was released to video-on-demand on April 22, 2014. The disc and rental versions are scheduled for release on May 6, 2014. While Bruce was away from Gotham, Alfred informed Dick, Jason, Duke and Damian of the engagement. Despite his initial doubts, Damian accepted his father's decision. When Batman returned to Gotham, he was encouraged by Catwoman to tell his closest friend Superman of his engagement. Terry McGinnis is Batman several decades into the future, also known as Batman Beyond. He is the successor of Bruce Wayne and protector of Neo-Gotham. After his father, Warren McGinnis was murdered, Terry took up the mantle of Batman from Bruce Wayne. After avenging the death of his father, Terry continued to fight crime in Neo Gotham, as Batman. Oct 08, 2019 · The 'Joker' movie connects Arthur Fleck to Thomas Wayne, father of Bruce Wayne, which suggests that the Joker and Batman are half brothers. But. Set in the year 3000, Tom Wayne is the son of the current Batman Bruce Wayne XX. When Batman is killed, Tom Wayne takes it upon himself to kick butt and take names, doing both in spectacular fashion.

Thomas Wayne is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.He is the father of Bruce Wayne , and husband of Martha Wayne.Wayne was introduced in Detective Comics 33 Nov. 1939, the first exposition of Batman's origin story.A gifted surgeon and philanthropist to Gotham City, Wayne inherited the Wayne family fortune after Patrick Wayne. Damian Wayne is the biological son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, and thus the grandson of Ra's al Ghul. Terry McGinnis is the biological son of Bruce Wayne in the DC animated universe, and has taken over the role as Batman when Bruce has become too elderly to do it. Romantic interests. The Batman is a masked vigilante and the hero of Gotham City Bruce Wayne was born a child of wealth and privilege to Thomas and Martha Wayne of Gotham City. As the Waynes' only son, Bruce was the sole heir to the family fortune as well as his father's business Wayne Industries.

Bruce Wayne was the son of Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha Wayne. His parents were wealthy philanthropists in the high society of Gotham City. Bruce grew up in Wayne Manor and experienced a privileged life until one fateful night. Bruce Wayne having a secret brother isn't new to Joker. Bruce having a fully grown supervillain brother, Owlman, is a plot point from the alternate realities from both JLA: Earth 2 and the New 52 version of the Crime Syndicate. Before this, the idea can be traced back to World's Finest 223 by Bob Haney, Dick Dillin and Vince Colletta.Thomas Wayne Jr. was the eldest son of the Wayne family. Batman has a son with Talia Damian, a daughter with Selena Helena, twin sons with Selena Thomas and Bruce Jr., and 3 adopted sons Dick, Jason and Tim, and 1 adopted daughter Cassandra, and of course the half- son Terry.

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