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Sugar Shot to Space Credit: Sugar Shot To Space About 50 model-rocket enthusiasts are planning to launch a 27-foot-tall, 10.8-inch-diameter rocket 62 miles above Earth's surface. The latest Tweets from Sugar Shot to Space @ShotSugar. That's not flying, it's falling with style. Sugar Shot to Space is with Chris Covany and Rick Maschek. Flight test of the avionics and recovery systems at FAR using a small 4" 100 mm M-impulse sugar motor. Next motor will be a 10" 250mm Q-impulse motor under construction. Sugar Shot to Space SS2S is an attempt to reach space, 100km, using a "sugar" rocket motor. Sugar is an old, simple, and inexpensive formula. The SS2S motor is a mixture of potassium nitrate, Sorbitol, and additives. To optimize the flight profile, multiple stages are frequently used. May 10, 2018 · 3" 75 mm sugar propellant PVC motor case rocket. Chris has been working on 3 and 4" 75 & 100 mm sugar motors as a possible strap-on booster for the Sugar Shot to Space project with the goal of reaching space on a rocket powered by sugar propellant.

May 06, 2013 · The Sugar shot to Space project had a much needed successful firing this past weekend. After the spectacular CATO of the impressive DoubleSShot motor nearly one year ago there was a lot of discussion and investigation into what exactly happened and why. This test represents the first in a series that will lead SStS to the successful firing of one of the largest amateur motors of all time. Oct 17, 2019 · How to Make Sugar Rockets. A sugar rocket is a simple home project that uses potassium nitrate KNO3 and powdered sugar as fuel. While it's easy to make a sugar rocket, it's also very dangerous, so use caution throughout your project. To. The first Mini Sugar Shot rocket, a prototype of the Extreme Sugar Shot rocket, reached an altitude of 4 kilometres 2.5 mi before a catastrophic motor malfunction occurred; contact with the second Mini Sugar Shot rocket was lost at an altitude of nearly 6 kilometres 3.7 mi going in excess of Mach 1. SugarShot provides expert IT support, IT consulting, cybersecurity and network services to businesses throughout Los Angeles, Santa Monica and the OC orange country. Call us for a free assessment! Gunblood is a very popular western shootout game where you have to reveal your skills and become the best gunslinger in the whole wild west. Even if you have never played this game before or you don't like shooting games, I am sure you will enjoy it.

Jun 17, 2013 · SUGAR SHOT'S P-CLASS MOTOR NOZZLE UPDATE I finished the modifications to the Sugar Shot to Space's DSS TM-3 motor this weekend. It was particularly tough machining through screw holes. The open spaces created a hammering effect that subjected the tool and lathe to quite a beating. Dec 22, 2013 · More generally, a two burn sugar motor is never going to go to space, the stated goal of the project. A two stage rocket is the way to go and is superior in almost every way. It would require relatively little R&D compared to the four dollars that’s been spent on the two burn concept so far. The goal was 45,000 ft. with a sugar-powered rocket motor. The telemetry has not been decoded yet, but the motor burned as it should have. There was no parachute recovery, and the booster section is still missing. Jeff was part of the tracking crew. Also on site was a film crew from National Geographic who was filming the launch of another rocket. Rick Maschek, Sugar Shot To Space on, It appears you could build a five stage rocket using sugar that would be able to make it to space. Who knew? Rick showed us some videos of SugarShot testing. They would burn in two stages. The first stage would burn just fine, but then the second stage would always have problems.

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