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The Mouth of Sauron is a fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien 's Middle-earth legendarium. He appears in The Lord of the Rings — specifically in the chapter "The Black Gate Opens" in the third volume, The Return of the King — as the chief emissary of Sauron. He. Mouth of Sauron.Mouth of Sauron, was an ambassador and messenger of Sauron, and the Lieutenant of the Tower of Barad-dûr in Middle-earth at the time of the War of the Ring.Biography.Born in 2871 3A, he was a Black Númenórean who lived in the land of Mordor during the Third Age. In The Black Gate Opens, the Mouth of Sauron hails the Captains of the West with an introduction: 'I am the Mouth of Sauron'. This is somewhat problematic, because earlier in The Lord of the Rings, Aragorn says of Sauron that 'Neither does he use his right name, nor permit it to be spelt or spoken.'. The eponymous Lord of the Rings. The lieutenant of Morgoth, the original Dark Lord, Sauron was responsible for much suffering of Elves and Men in the Elder Days. When Morgoth was banished, Sauron ultimately took his place as the second dark Lord.

Dec 14, 2019 · A "Renegade" and a man of great stature, the Mouth of Sauron was potentially the equal of the Dúnedain, but had fallen into darkness. It is stated that "he entered the service of the Dark Tower when it first rose again". He mocked the army of King Elessar in front of the Morannon. Culture. Could he have looked similar to his depiction in the movie, or would he look more like a man, similar to Aragorn? Well, seeing as he was explicitly a man, let's go with him looking like a man. The problem with the movie's visual was that they mixed up the description of his horse 'a frightful mask, more like a skull than a living head' with the Mouth 'a living man'.

Description Appearance. Sauron as The Eye. Despite being the title character of The Lord of the Rings, Sauron is notable in that he never directly appears during the events of the novel. Nowhere is any detailed description given of what he looks like, other than in vague terms. Mouth of Sauron and Sauron. The Tower of Sauron is the secondary antagonist of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. He was a black numenorean and one of Sauron's Black Captains and was responsible, partly, for the murder of Talion and his family during the retaking of Mordor by the Dark Forces. Sauron's Orcs bore the symbol of the Eye on their helmets and shields, and referred to him as the "Eye" because he did not allow his name to be written or spoken, according to Aragorn a notable exception to this rule was his emissary, the Mouth of Sauron. Sauron was a Maia, and in his early career this meant that he had the ability to change shape at will: in the First Age, he seems to have had a generally human form he's variously described as smiling, laughing, standing and so on, though in his battle with Huan he was able to shift freely between the forms of a wolf, a serpent and a flying vampire.

The Mouth of Sauron, the messenger that talked to Aragorn and Gandalf at the Black Gate, was said to be a Black Númenórean. So, technically, the line did last all the way to the end of the Third Age. However, we don’t know if he was the last Black Númenórean. The Mouth of Sauron’s age is.

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