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With the exception of May, June and July, the names of the months must be abbreviated in MLA works cited lists as follows: January = Jan. February = Feb. March = Mar. April = Apr. August = Aug. September = Sept. October= Oct. November = Nov. December = Dec. MLA List of Works Cited: Books - Two or More Authors. Use authors' names in the order in which they appear in the book. Separate the names with commas. Reverse the order of only the first author's names. Example: Lakoff, George, and Mark Johnson. Aug 07, 2019 · In MLA style, when a work has more than two authors or editors, the works-cited-list entry provides the name of the lead author or editor and et al. For example, if you are citing the following work—in which Sandy Taylor is the lead author and John Smith.

Oct 07, 2019 · This guide is intended to help you cite sources in MLA style, avoid plagiarism, learn what MLA style is and includes, find examples of MLA style, lead you to campus resources that can help you cite sources in MLA, and more. MLA Style: Basics Citing a Work by Two Authors/Creators. Citing Works by the Same Author Citing a Work Without Page. One of the most popular forms of this type of citation is MLA style, which enables a writer to use a parenthetical note in the text that directs a reader to a simple resource reference on a "Works Cited" page. MLA is especially popular in undergraduate classrooms where the process of citing references may be a new experience for students. Works Cited Citations.Because a Works Cited list is organized alphabetically, the books by the same author will appear next to one another. When this occurs, the author’s name should be omitted in the second citation. Instead of the author’s name, include three hyphens and a period and then the remainder of the citation information. Jul 09, 2019 · A basic MLA in-text citation includes the author’s last name and the page numbers in parentheses. You need to include a citation every time you quote or paraphrase someone else’s work. In MLA style, if a source has more than two authors, the citation is shortened using “et al.” For sources with no author, the title is used instead.

MLA Format: Multiple authors in a bibliography entry. If two authors share the same last name, each author's full name should still appear. If the names of editors, translators or compilers appear on the title pages, then a comma come should come after the last name to appear in the entry and the proper abbreviation eds., trans., or comps. The in-text citation for a website with two authors should include both authors’ last names, in the order in which they are listed in the source and your works cited: Wadhwa and Salkever. For a source with three or more authors, you should place the authors’ names in the same order as the source. Citation Machine helps students and professionals properly credit the information that they use. Cite your book in MLA format for free. Jul 26, 2019 · To cite two or more works by the same authors, give the author names in the first entry only. In the entries for subsequent works, in place of the author names, type three hyphens --- followed by a period, and then the title and the rest of the citation as per the rules in this section. In the Works Cited Per the MLA Handbook 8th edition, p. 113: To cite two or more works by the same author, give the name in the first entry only. Thereafter, in place of the name, type three hyphens, followed by a period and the title. The three hyphens stand for exactly the same name as.

How to Cite a Website in MLAA Complete Guide.

Citing a Work by Two Authors/Creators - MLA StyleBasics.

Feb 05, 2020 · Authors in MLA Format. Authors are formatted the same in all material formats. List first author with the last name first Examples: Smith, John D. Smith, John David. Two authors are separated by a comma after the first author and the word and. Example: Smith, John D., and Rosemary L. Jones. Only the first author's name is inverted. Sep 24, 2018 · Two Author's Last Name and Author's Last Name Page Number Example: Case and Daristotle 57. If the title in the Works Cited list is in quotation marks, put quotation marks around the words from the title in the in-text citation. The sources within the in-text citation do not need to be in alphabetical order for MLA style.

Two Authors Mla Works Cited

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