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There are two basic types of strabismus surgery:Muscle recession: In this strabismus surgery, a muscle’s insertion or point of attachment to the eye is moved back.Muscle resection: In this strabismus surgery, a muscle is tightened without changing its point of attachment. Strabismus Surgery Involving Recession And Resection Procedures In a recession procedure, your eye surgeon detaches the affected outside muscle extraocular muscle from the eye and reattaches it resection farther back on the eye to weaken the relative strength of the muscle if it is too strong.

Strabismus in adults can be treated in a variety of ways, including observation, patching, prism glasses and/or strabismus surgery. How common is strabismus? It is estimated that four percent of the U.S. population, or about 13 million people, have strabismus. Apr 20, 2019 · The procedure is also known as strabismus surgery, extraocular muscle surgery, or eye alignment surgery. In the United States, approximately 1.2 million procedures are performed each year making it the third most common eye surgery just behind cataract extraction and glaucoma surgery. A strabismus surgery tray should include a variety of muscle hooks, forceps, needle drivers, scissors, lid speculums, calipers, hemostats, and retractors. The instruments used will depend on the type of strabismus surgery, whether an assistant is available, and the preferences of the surgeon.

Strabismus can be treated with conservative therapy such as glasses, prisms, patching and/or orthoptic exercises, with a majority of the cases eventually requiring correction with eye muscle surgery. Horizontal eye muscle surgery is performed on patients with exodeviations out turning, esodeviations in turning. Common types of strabismus are esotropia, exotropia, and hypertropia. Strabismus can also be described by its cause. Three of the twelve cranial nerves III, IV, VI are responsible for eye movement can be weak or palsied and cause strabismus. Some examples of this type of strabismus include third nerve III palsy and superior oblique IV palsy. It is important consult with an eye surgeon who specializes in strabismus surgery. Why do adults get strabismus? Adults may have strabismus either from a residual childhood strabismus or they may acquire strabismus in adulthood. New strabismus that develops in an adult can result from conditions such as thyroid eye disease, stroke or tumors. Of the dozens of different types of strabismus, three types are seen much more commonly in the paediatric population. They are congenital esotropia, accommodative esotropia and intermittent exotropia. However, a large number of children are referred for evaluation and treatment of. Oct 05, 2015 · There are many psychosocial benefits to adult strabismus surgery. This is reflected in the finding that the majority of adults surveyed with strabismus would trade a portion of their life expectancy to be rid of their strabismus.” 1 Non-Surgical Treatments The treatment of strabismus depends on the severity, and management options range from observation to surgery.

Paralytic strabismus: Damage to the third, fourth or sixth cranial nerves as result of poor blood supply, pressure on the nerve or head injuries will cause limited eye movements and a strabismus. There are a number of different types of strabismus in each of these groups that carry their own individual characteristics and treatments.

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