Umbrella Plant Pruning //

One of the main ways to prune your umbrella plant is to simply make it shorter. This is a common problem for umbrella plants with one stem: these tend to grow very tall and thin. Luckily, this is one of the easiest ways to prune. All you need to do is to cut a bit of the top growth to make your plant shorter. Native to Taiwan, the umbrella tree, also known as schefflera, octopus tree or parasol plant, is named for its long horizontal stems that produce leaves at the tip that have a circular appearance like that of an umbrella. Dwarf versions of the plants naturally grow to a maximum height of 5 feet, but pruning can also be used to keep the tree in a pleasing size and shape. I have an Umbrella Plant that I take care of at work. When my boss thinks it is getting too tall he wacks it down some. So I have 2 questions the first is what is the proper way to cuts these plants back and the second is on one side of the main stem there are no branches which makes it look a little strange.

Feb 01, 2010 · Scheffs tolerate very hard pruning as long as they are growing with a reasonable amount of vitality, so use the plants health as a guide to how hard you should prune. If the plant was robust, you could cut it back to a foot high if you wanted to, and in a couple of weeks it would happily push a new flush of growth from the profuse back-budding. Oct 28, 2019 · Taking Care of Your Umbrella Plant Watering. The Umbrella Plant thrives in moist soil, though it tolerates a lack.Light. The Umbrella Plant is accepting of lots of conditions and will fare well in both bright.Humidity. The Umbrella Plant itself fares well in normal humidity levels found in. Umbrella plants grow best in moist soil, so you will need to water it often. Overwatering the plant can cause the leaves of the plant to turn yellow, while under watering it will cause the leaves to droop.

Avoid over- or under-watering your umbrella plant. If the leaves begin to turn black and drop from the umbrella plant, you're over-watering it. If the leaf tips begin to wrinkle, you're under-watering the plant. The yellow colouring, or variation, is natural for a mature Umbrella plant. The more light it gets the more green it will become. You can certainly trim it down to size - it will make the plant thicker. I have seen Umbrella plants as standards so all the leaves trimmed from stem with lots on top like a lollipop or like yours - tall and thin.

Fans of Schefflera trees – also called umbrella trees – often grow these as houseplants. Over time, umbrella trees can grow to heights over 10 feet tall, forcing. Schefflera, also known as umbrella plant, is hardy in U.S. Department of Agricultural zone 11. In zones colder than 11, the schefflera is grown as a houseplant. The glossy leaves are deep green, and they radiate from a central point on top of the stem. Depending on the type of schefflera growing. Caring For An Umbrella Plant. Selective pruning will be a critical component of caring for your Umbrella Plant. This species grows quickly, so you’ll have to trim it back to maintain a show-worthy appearance. If the tree starts to become leggy, pinch off those growing tips. If you want it to grow bushier, chop off some excess and watch it.

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