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The Living Desert was the first feature-length film in Disney's True-Life Adventures series of documentaries focusing on zoological studies; the previous films in the series, including the Oscar-winning Seal Island, were short subjects. The documentary was filmed in Tucson, Arizona. The Living Desert.The Living Desert is a 1953 nature documentary showing the everyday lives of the animals of the desert of the southwestern United States. The movie was written by James Algar, Winston Hibler, Jack Moffitt uncredited and Ted Sears. It was directed by.

A day in the life of creatures living in a desert in the southwestern US is shown. Toads, reptiles, wild pigs, insects, mice and birds are followed going about their daily routine and the struggle to find food and not become it themselves. The Living Desert was the first feature-length entry in Disney's "True Life Adventure" series. Co-written and narrated by Winston Hibler, the film opens with a close-up glance of percolating. Walt Disney's Living Desert: A True-Life Adventure Based on the FIlm NarrationFrom: ThriftBooks - Yankee Clipper Windsor Locks, CT, U.S.A.. Dec 13, 2009 · Walt Disney's nephew, Roy E. Disney, got his start in Hollywood as a producer on the True Life Adventures. He would later play a major role at the studio after Walt and his father Roy died. The Living Desert was the first Disney feature film distributed by Disney. Prior to this, Walt had mostly relied on RKO to distribute his films.

This true-life adventure shows the desert area to be teeming with life. Some extraordinary sequences are the battles of the desert tortoises, the "square dance" of the scorpions, and the battle between the Pepsis wasp and the tarantula. By following our hearts and vision, The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens has evolved into an internationally respected organization which proudly represents the Coachella Valley and its beautiful splendor to the rest of the world. Thank you for joining us on this journey’s past, present, and future. From camps and youth programs to speaker series, field trips, and even world travel The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens can teach you a thing or two. Start Learning. Discover our Animals and gardens Start Exploring. Show your Support There are lots of way to help The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. May 21, 2014 · Walt Disney with his two teenage daughters, Diane and Sharon right, mother of Brad and Michelle, in 1950. Since Walt Disney died in 1966.

Wonderfully Wild The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens.

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One of the four sets which mark the launch of Walt Disney's Legacy Collection, Volume 2: Lands of Exploration brings to DVD not only Seal Island but also the majestic The Living Desert, the first time the True-Life Adventures formula was applied at feature-length. Both films were huge successes which led to more True-Life Adventures. 13 in all to be exact seven featurettes and six features over a period of. True-Life Adventures is a series of fourteen full length and short subject documentary films produced by Walt Disney Productions roughly between the years 1948 and 1960. The series won eight Academy Awards for the studio including three Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature awards for The Living Desert, The Vanishing Prairie and White Wilderness, and five Best Two Reel Live Action Short. Walt Disney's Living Desert a True-Lfe Adventure by Werner, Jane and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Walt Disney's Living Desert, First Edition "The Living Desert," which opened last night at the Sutton.Here, in this handsome color picture, the frame of reference of the Disney camera men is the great arid plain that stretches from Oregon.

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