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Apr 12, 2018 · “Hi you all. I’m new hereI just wonder what should I say when a friend say ”What are you up?” or ”what are you up too” Is the last answer or ? what is the proper answer and what is that sentence means? If you can say me some nice greetings I can say when I. Apr 26, 2019 · The best answer depends on who is asking you. Scenarios: “Friend”: “What have you been up to?” You: “Oh, nothing much you?” BFF: “What have you been up to?” You: “I was just _____ doing homework, watching YouTube videos, etc.” Parent: “Wha. Here are seven ways to reframe this common question to help you come up with a more compelling answer. Experiment with different ones during conversations in the next couple weeks to see which allows you to represent yourself the best and build more meaningful relationships. May 03, 2015 · People say "what's up" as a greeting when they have nothing more specific to say. "What's up" really has no question content but is a "social stroking," or recognition of the other and analogous to a rhetorical question for which no answer is expected. You can say anything you like as a kind acknowledgement of the other person. Sample Answer 1:What makes me wake up in the morning everyday morning is the potential to commit errors. It might sound strange, but committing errors is the thing that makes us human, and leading life as a human gives us a chance to develop and improve ourselves every day.

“What motivates you?” is possibly the toughest question to answer in an HR interview. Here is a list of sample answers curated for different situations which will help you answer. You think this answer will make you look like the non-complaining hard worker you are. Unfortunately, it raises two red flags. First, it makes it seem like you’re someone who wouldn’t think to loop in your boss, even if there was a problem.

Wrapping Up The Answer To “What Do You Do For Fun” When it comes to talking about what you do for fun, remember that enjoyment — much like beauty — is in the eye of the beholder. What you find fun isn’t necessarily what other people would find fun, but then, that isn’t really the point. Now before we wrap up this article, there’s one final step you should put in ANY answer you give Talk About HOW You’re Fixing These Areas of Improvement Whatever skill or weakness you say you’re trying to improve and whatever answer formula you follow above you should talk about what you’re working on right now to improve in. Make Up an Answer and Run With It! If you want to say something a little more substantive than “IDK!” even though it’s totally what you’re thinking, you can always try making up an answer. Let’s say you just graduated with a Sociology degree and have no idea what you want to do. May 14, 2019 · These answers can help you figure out what you want to do with your life. It doesn’t mean you need millions of dollars to be happy though. What it does mean is answering these questions will help you set goals to reach certain milestones and create a path toward happiness and fulfillment. If you have a series of job interviews lined up, you might quickly find yourself in this hypothetical situation. The best way to prepare for an interview is to practice commonly asked questions and keep a selection of anecdotal examples for each question. In this article, we’ll help you prepare to answer the brain-stumper, “What motivates.

3 Ways You’re Messing Up the Answer to “How Do You Deal.

How to Answer "What Gets You Up in the Morning?” - WiseStep.

Sep 06, 2019 · Up to the first comma tells you what chapters' information you need to apply to your answer. “[G]ive your own example” lets you know to make up an applicable response that wasn't demonstrated in class already. The last part dictates what the example needs to have, i.e. 3 or more concepts from those chapters. How to answer "What motivates you?" in a job interview. I've asked this question a LOT as a recruiter and heard a variety of answers, good and bad. So I'm going to walk you through exactly how to explain your motivation the right way, to impress employers and get the job offer.

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