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Top definition. Swag. 1 The new generation's alternative word for "cool". The new generation originally used swag to describe anyone thought to carry themselves in a way considered by some to be sexy / cool. Note: considered to be retarded by many others. Swag. A tag used by idiots to show how retarded they are. Make sure to avoid people who use the word swag and/or swag. Fuck examples, just pictures Justin Bieber and you know what swag is, and what people who tag things swag when not joking/mocking with it are like. Adj- Sweg is a complicated concept, that requires a great deal of intelligence and often high personal sweg to comprehend. 'Sweg' is used to appraise object or person who is/are generally agreeable and to show approval. Sweg is a force that arises at a fundamental, from a specific object or person. mostly known as style, unique part of what makes you different than the other players in a cool way. the way you carry yourselfconfidence, your gearclothes, and. The meaning of swag according to the meaning given in the website urban dictionary is ‘appearance, style or the way some one presents themselves.’ According to this meaning, swag should represent the way someone carries and represents themselves.

acronym Stuff We All Get. A goodie bag that contains various useless yet irreplaceable items packed into a dufflebag, usually given at parties or by sponsers.Sometimes just useless house-hold items with a brand-name insignia on them. The typical Swagfag wardrobe consists of snap backs, skinny jeans - that they sag to their knees, shoes that match their outfit, & tee-shirts that say the word "swag" over and over. Because they have to let the whole world know that they have swag by wearing the god damn word on their clothes. Swangs are a Set of rims that came out in '83 and '84 that are called 3's and 4's that Poke out of the side of a car. "Them three's and fo's I'ma roll fa sho. Get a Swangs mug for your cousin Paul. What about the other swag? That's a slang word that refers to stylish confidence. It shows up in songs "Check out my swag, yo / I walk like a ballplayer"—Jay Z and social media hashtags, but this word derives from swagger, not from stolen goods. And though it sounds newer than the "free stuff" swag, this swag is actually older. We can trace it back to 1640, where it's used to refer to "hansom swag. When your bling is iced out but that shit melting from all your hot bars, you got the drip. Just another word for immense swag.

Jan 29, 2020 · swag in AZ Dictionary n An ornamental drapery or curtain draped in a curve between two things. n An ornamental festoon of blossoms or fruit. n A carving or plaster molding of such an ornament. v Chiefly British To lurch or sway. v Australian To travel about with a pack or swag. v to hold or go, as something free and heavy; to sway; to swing.

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