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DEPOSITION definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary.

A sworn pretrial testimony given by a witness in response to oral and written questions and cross examination. The deposition is transcribed and may be used for further pretrial investigation. It may also be presented at the trial if the witness cannot be present; often. Deposition. The testimony of a party or witness in a civil or criminal proceeding taken before trial, usually in an attorney's office. Deposition testimony is taken orally, with an attorney asking questions and the deponent the individual being questioned answering while a court reporter or tape recorder or sometimes both records the testimony. deposition meaning: 1. a formal written statement made or used in a law court: 2. the act of removing someone. Learn more.

Deposition is defined as the removal from an office or the testimony of a witness under oath. An example of deposition is the firing of a person from a government job. DEFINITION of Deposition A deposition is testimony made under oath and taken down in writing by an authorized officer of the court, typically in an out-of-court setting and before trial. Oct 23, 2018 · Deposition, by definition in chemistry, refers to a phase transition in which matter transitions directly from a gaseous state into a solid state without passing through an intermediate liquid phase. Deposition is the opposite of sublimation, a phase transition in which a. Legal Definition of Deposition: Everything You Need to Know. A deposition occurs when lawyers take the sworn testimony of a witness prior to a trial that is held out of court with no judge present. 5 min read. Deposition is the geological process whereby rocks, soil, and silt are naturally deposited in such a way that new land masses are created or old landforms are added to or changed.

A deposition in the law of the United States, or examination for discovery in the law of Canada, involves the taking of sworn, out-of-court oral testimony of a witness that may be reduced to a written transcript for later use in court or for discovery purposes. Depositions are commonly used in litigation in the United States and Canada. They are almost always conducted outside court by the lawyers themselves, with. In geology, the term deposition refers to the settling out or placement of rock, particles of rock, or organic matter, generally referred to as sediments, after transportation by wind, water, ice, or gravity. Deposition occurs when the energy causing the transportation of sediments becomes unable. Overview. A deposition is a witness's sworn out-of-court testimony. It is used to gather information as part of the discovery process and, in limited circumstances, may be used at trial. The witness being deposed is called the "deponent." Oral Depositions. Depositions usually do not directly involve the court. deposition 1. Law a. the giving of testimony on oath b. the testimony so given c. the sworn statement of a witness used in court in his absence 2. the act or instance of deposing deposition[‚dep·ə′zish·ən] geology The laying, placing, or throwing down of any material; specifically, the constructive process of accumulation into beds, veins, or. Deposition means the act of putting something aside, whether you're putting aside a ruler, or putting aside legal testimony to be used later in a trial. Deposition and the related deposit get a lot of use.

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A deposition is a formal written statement, made for example, by a witness to a crime, which can be used in a court of law if the witness cannot be present. The material would be checked against the depositions from other witnesses.

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