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Cain’s vegetable offering was rejected, because it did not involve the death of a sacrifice and the shedding of blood. This knowledge of correct sacrifice was passed on to further generations, and we read about Noah and the patriarchs making animal sacrifices, which were accepted by God. Dec 08, 2010 · The fact that it is not recorded lends strength to the idea that Cain’s offering was not rejected because he broke some rule brought grain instead of an animal sacrifice, for example. Rather, it suggests that it was his attitude in bringing the offering that was so offensive to God. God accepted Abel’s sacrifice because Abel had faith! However, God rejected Cain’s sacrifice. Cain should not have been upset. He knew exactly what God wanted, and he knew God did not instruct him to bring an offering from the ground. WHERE WE FIT IN. Mar 01, 2016 · Why did God accept the offering of Abel but not of Cain? Evidently some think that it was because there was no blood offered with Cain’s sacrifice. But this clearly cannot be the case, since offerings to God were often of fruit, bread, and incense in the OT. Nov 17, 2014 · Christians typically say that, aside from what the book of Hebrews says in the "New Testament" that Cain didn't sacrifice in faith, Cain's sacrifice was not accepted because it was not an animal sacrifice as Abel did. Christians then argue from there incorrectly that even from the beginning.

Cain wanted to do it his way, not God’s way. The fact that he did not kill an animal and bring its blood before the Lord is proof that he was not a believer. Jude 11 tells us that Cain went the wrong way. He was upset because he did not get his way. He was insubordinate and disobedient, both signs of unbelief. Even so God was merciful to Cain and challenged him about his reaction and pointed out to him that. Apr 23, 2018 · Why was Cain’s offering rejected? In the 4th chapter of Genesis we find out that both Cain and Abel made an offering to God. Abel’s offering was accepted but Cains was rejected. Abel’s offering was not accepted due to it being an animal sacrifice.

Abel ’ s slain animal was accepted by God while Cain ’ s offering was not. The way of Cain Jude 1:11 Jude explains is by having no rule over them, disobedience is the way of man. Those who refuse to bring the sacrifice which God asks, and instead bring what they want. May 16, 2015 · Cain’s sacrifice lacked this and showed an attitude in him not to recognize himself as a sinner and showed a lack of penitence and humility, and light consideration of the promise of a redeemer. There are many such as he today who make a sacrifice to the Lord but don’t go far enough, and therefore the sacrifice they do make is not acceptable.

Why did God have no respect for the offering of Cain? Both offerings use the same Hebrew term for an acceptable offering minhah and not the normal term for “sacrifices” zebah. This probably indicates that the reason God was displeased with Cain’s offering had nothing to with the fact that is wasn’t a “blood offering.”. Oct 17, 2007 · On the other hand, Cain made a lesser sacrifice, giving up only vegtables or fruit. In short, Cain does not give up anything that he can't afford to lose, while Able gives the very best of his flock, on which he was probably dependent. Because the Bible puts an emphasis on Abel giving the firstlings of his flock.

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