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Hellebores, Helleborus, Christmas Roses, Lenten Roses, Winter borders, Spring Borders Previous Next Prized for their abundant winter or early spring blooms and attractive foliage, Hellebores Helleborus are invaluable additions to the shade garden and provide gardeners with some of the greatest pleasures in winter. The genus Helleborus, also referred to as Hellebore, Lenten rose, and winter rose, contains about 15 species of perennials prized for their leathery leaves and stunning flowers that bloom in late. Winter rose is one of the many names given to plants in the increasingly popular Helleborus group. They’re also called Christmas roses, Lenten roses both names reflecting their northern hemisphere flowering time, or simply nicknamed ‘hellebores’. Get the season started early with these gorgeous Helleborus! Even amidst the winter chill, these delicate blooms can begin to show their remarkable colors. Helleborus blooms appear soft and subtle but are much tougher than they look. Tolerant of both the extreme cold and heat, this is a gorgeous evergreen to have in your garden year-round.

Hellebores - Lenten Rose - Helleborus are colorful early spring blooming perennial plants that brighten gardens during late winter into early spring. Helleborus x hybridus are the result of breeding and improving on the Helleborus orientalis, commonly known as Christmas Rose and Lenten Rose. These beautiful evergreen perennial plants make wonderful additions to your landscape. Quick TipsCheck out the Helleborus video.The best time to shop for Hellebores is in February and March when the selection is largest and the plants are in flower.Keep an eye out out for Hellebore sales from April onward as their flowering season winds down. Selection is smaller, but this is a great. Hellebore also known as Lenten Roses are perfectly coupled with ferns & resistant to deer & other critters. Browse more Hellebores from White Flower Farm. Helleborus x hybridus Winter Jewels® 'Rose Quartz' SKU: S30767. From $24.95. Helleborus Honeymoon® Mix SKU: S30784. From $49.00. Lenten rose Helleborus x hybridus, a perennial belonging to the buttercup family, is not actually a rose.Its two-part common name refers to the plant's bloom season around Lent and the rose-like shape of its flower buds. Valued for its early blooms of purple, red, yellow, green, blue, lavender, and pink, and its leathery evergreen foliage, Lenten roses contribute good color throughout the. Winter Jewels® at Northwest Garden Nursery. Flowering between January and May, depending on your climate, hellebores are prized for their sturdy, undemanding temperament and the striking colors and beauty of their flowers.

Hellebore is a lovely and unique flowering perennial that adds blooms and color to gardens in early spring, or depending on the climate, in late winter. More often used in beds, potted hellebores can also be a nice addition to patios and indoor areas. Learn more here. Hellebore plants are among the earliest perennial flowers to bloom, welcoming spring with their rose-like blossoms. In warm locales, Helleborus orientalis can bloom outdoors at Christmastime. In colder zones, hellebores will break through the frozen ground early in the spring.

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